Don't call him, text him, see him - or sleep with him - until you read this...

Discover the Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, & Unbreakable Relationship With The Man You Love

Create A Constant And Unbreakable Connection With Him - Make Him Ignore Any Other Women That Cross His Path...

Dumb Question... Which one of these foods do you want to eat right now?

A Nice Chocolate Chip Cookie
A Piece of Broccoli?


Now, if you're like the average person, you know you should want the broccoli. It's good for you, it's got lots of vitamin D... Broccoli may even help you fight colds and flu...

BUT ... no matter how much I try to sell you on it — Broccoli isn't what you really WANT, is it?

I don't care how much you love Broccoli for dinner... or how much you want to want the broccoli...

If you're totally honest with yourself — You want the damn cookie.

Don't feel bad, I do too...! (I have a real weakness for chocolate chip cookies)

"But you're not supposed to want the cookie! It's got calories, sugar, fat...!"

Why is it that the things
we SHOULD want never taste
as good as what we really want?

And when it's 2:00 in the morning, and you can't sleep, wondering why he isn't calling you — or texting you back...

When you're sitting in the kitchen, wide awake at 2:00 AM, worried about losing him...

I'll bet you don't go to the fridge and get the broccoli out to eat, do you?

If you're like most people, you go for the cookies

It's okay to want the cookie, it's how you're programmed.

You can't help it.
The truth is that guys (almost) ALWAYS go for the "cookie" when they're looking for The One — a long-term relationship.

And most women don't realize
that this "cookie programming"
affects MEN much more than women!

If he's running hot and cold with you, unsure and always changing his mind about the two of you...

Keeping you at arm's length when you have so much to offer him...

If he seemingly wants everything else - but he hesitates when it comes to your relationship... You might have accidentally shown him a little too much "Broccoli"

When what he really wants is the "cookie."

Have you ever had a guy come on all hot and heavy at the start, only to pull away later? And eventually he just disappeared?

The reason why is that he thought he had his sweet little cookie, but she unwittingly made him think she was really just broccoli... The "Cookie Secret" I'm about to teach you will show you to how to forge a connection with him that is indestructible.

This is the Ultimate Secret
of a loving, committed,
& unbreakable relationship

SPOILER ALERT: SEX is not the cookie he's looking for...

That "cookie" feeling has nothing to do with you having to be a slut or a porn star in bed, either...

In the next few minutes, I'm going to show you what the "Cookie Secret" is... How to be the woman that all men secretly crave...

It will make you as irresistible as the smell of REAL fresh-baked cookies you can't walk away from... And I'll reveal the secret ingredient that creates an unbreakable connection with any man you desire.

The "cookie" men want is simply THE most pleasurable connection we've ever had with a woman.

The sense of belonging in your arms that tells us we're safe — and this is where we belong...

We can stop looking somewhere else for love — or thinking that the grass is greener with someone else.

Here's what most women never discover about men:

When a man says:
"I'm not ready for a serious relationship..."

That's a smelly pile of B.S. — He's lying... And he's NOT afraid of commitment.

What he's really saying is: "I think you'll try to trick me into thinking you're a cookie, when you're really broccoli — so I'll use 'commitment phobia' up front as my escape parachute..."

It's a universal male excuse that lets him off the hook without revealing the REAL reason you lost him.

The only reason a man won't commit is this: He hasn't met the woman who can passed his tests.

That's right — men test every single woman they date. In fact, they give you THREE tests/

And the tricky part is that

If you fail any of his tests,
you flunk on the spot!

He won't give you a chance at "2 out of 3". You've only got one shot — so you have to know what to do — and when to do it.

Women commonly accept that they "test" guys, but very few women suspect that men are doing the same sort of thing.

Hey, most guys seem pretty clueless, and truthfully he really isn't aware when he's doing this. But it's true: Guys will always "test" you to see what you are... The cookie, or the broccoli.

Chances are, you've been tested by a guy — and you didn't even know what was happening... Until it was too late!

Most women make these same mistakes — completely overlooking his tests. Completely flunking out and accidentally pushing him out the door. There is good news for you, though...

I'm going to show you
what his three test are,
and how you pass them
so you never lose a man like this again...

You see, men simply cannot resist the woman that makes us happy, no matter how hard we try. If we smell a cookie... we want it. And we won't let it go when we've got it.

Deep down, all men are "feeling chasers" — we're desperate for that next fix of pleasure: Being with the woman that he trusts and connects with.

And every guy reaches for that "cookie" — that delicious, fun, almost bad-for-you feeling... Even if you're a perfect match for him — even if you think you're perfect together - he's your Mr. Right, and he's "The One" — He still needs to know you're his "cookie".

So how do you make him understand that you're the cookie? NOT the broccoli?

That you're fun, and cool, and sexy, maybe a little bit sinful, but also the best woman for him? AND not scare him off in the process?

I'm going to show you how men secretly "test" you to figure out if you're the "broccoli" or the "cookie" in just a second...

It's something I stumbled upon — almost accidentally. In fact, I don't know that anyone else has really found this secret yet. It came from a shocking discovery I made that I want to share with every woman I possibly can... And I want to start by sharing it with you right now.

There is a secret to
eliminating any insecurities
about your relationship...

So that you can start living the romance you want with the man you want — getting the love, attention and respect you deserve.

Even if you think you're not hot enough... Or you're not young enough... Or skinny enough... Or "bitchy" enough... Or whatever you think might be getting in between you and your man

It all starts with a heartbreaking — yet amazing — story about my friend Kathy...

Late last year, Kathy came over to my house for lunch with me and my wife... When she came in the door, we knew something was up.

Her face was red and puffy — you could see she had been crying a lot, but we didn't say anything. The more we talked, the more closed off her body language became, and the more she looked down, avoiding my eyes. Her shoulders slumped... Her arms crossed...

After just a couple minutes of small talk, she blurted out: "Carlos, I think Jim is seeing someone else. I think I'm losing him!"

Jim was her boyfriend, who she had been dating for over 2 years now. She went on a trip to France with him where she expected him to "pop the question" to her in Paris. But instead of a proposal, when they got back home he became more and more distant from her.

He talked less about his feelings for Kathy, and he was running hot and cold with her.

He had One foot in and
one foot out of their relationship...

Kathy was starting to wonder if he still loved her at all.

Jim had just told her he wanted to "start seeing other people."

Kathy felt isolated and lonely, and didn't know who to turn to, or what to do to fix their relationship.

On top of it all, her father had been diagnosed with cancer in the past year, and Kathy's heart was heavy with sadness and grief.

Now this was back when I was studying up — reading about 6 or 7 relationship books a day, and completely immersing myself in dating and relationships. And — as you might know — I was also coaching guys on their dating and relationships. I was collecting "insider information" from men on what makes guys stay with one woman over another.

Now, Kathy said that she had started to worry when it felt like the connection she and Jim shared wasn't as strong anymore.

I asked her if she meant his feelings for her, and she said yes, that was part of it... but mostly it was the connection she had felt between them.

She even described it: "Our connection was like this feeling that we've got this wire or beam of light connecting us, between his chest and mine..."and I can sense when it's dim and cold, or if it's bright and alive. It's like a love-line between us.

"When it's bright, I'm happy, and there's no anxiety. No worries."

"When it's faint, I feel scared, anxious, and restless. And I know I have to do something to make sure we're okay."

When Kathy told me about what was happening with her and Jim,

I thought this could be the perfect time
to share some of the new "tricks"
I'd discovered about guys...

So I started explaining what Jim was thinking, and why he was acting this way.

The words just poured out of me, and I was sure I must have sounded crazy to her — or like a man possessed.

I was actually worried that I might have even risked my friendship with Kathy by being too blunt and honest. But when I was done, Kathy was not only smiling, she jumped up and gave me a huge hug...

"Oh, my gosh..." she said. "I had no idea that he was testing me like that!"

And after just a few short words, she finished her sandwich, grabbed her coat, and flew out the door.

Well, I didn't hear from Kathy for a few days, and I started to get a bit worried. When I did finally hear from her, it was a short text message. She said:

"It worked — We're back together!"

I was astonished — and Kathy called me later, elated, buoyant, and walking on clouds... She said, "I did what you said. And Jim came over the other night, and we've been together ever since!"

Her voice was almost squeaking with excitement, and it was like I was hearing a completely different woman than I'd spoken with just a few days ago. "Hey," Kathy said, "I gotta see you. I have to show you something."

She wouldn't tell me what it was, but insisted we meet for brunch at a cafe that afternoon.

When I got there, Kathy was already waiting, her smile radiant, and her eyes glittering with joy. She held out her left hand and showed me the sparkling diamond engagement ring on her finger...!

Over the next hour, Kathy showered me with gratitude and praise. And I confess that I ate it all up...

She spent the whole meal raving about how wonderful things were between her and Jim, I couldn't get a word in edgewise.

She said that it felt like she and Jim finally had a powerful, radiant blue beam of light connecting them together — and their love.

Their connection felt humming,
electrically charged,
and alive like never before...

And, even better, it felt enduring and indestructible - and it was there even when he wasn't near her.

She begged me to reveal how I'd figured out this "trick" about connecting with guys.

That was when I told her about how I had been working as a coach and dating advisor for men for over 8 years, and how I'd been creating something life-changing for women from what the guys had revealed to me about something I lovingly called: "The Cookie Secret."

Now, Kathy was a good friend, but had never really known about my "hush-hush" work that I'd been doing on the side all these years — I was a little afraid she'd think I was weird.

And I was so relieved when Kathy said: "Carlos, you HAVE to share this! Can you imagine what women could do with this knowledge about connecting with men? This Cookie Secret is PRICELESS."

I admit, I had a protective streak about revealing this stuff. After all, what I'd found out about men and relationships was very intimate.

This Gives women an unfair advantage
when it comes to creating
this kind of constant connection with men...

— and keeping him attracted and in love. It was basically a "cheat sheet" with all the answers to these tests men give women. It felt like I'd be betraying guys if showed women what they had disclosed to me — and I also knew that this method was very powerful — and could be used to manipulate and control men.

Any woman could make herself appear to be "The One" to any guy she wanted to.

But then Kathy also made me realize that if I didn't give women this information, then their men would also go through the same pain and heartache — losing the connection and probably the relationship.

He would never realize the full, powerful, tingling thrill of a powerful connection where a woman was so secure and free to open her heart in return for his complete love and desire.

So I took on a few clients and explained my discovery — this "connection code" to women:

But there's nothing — and no one — that can come between you and him!

It's like the difference between calling someone on a cell phone, where you know the connection could drop at any second, and being connected on a "land line" — where you know your connection will be rock solid and unbreakable.

And you can finally stop saying, "Can you hear me now?"

Because your CONNECTION to him
is everything to your relationship...

The connection you have is the lifeline of love between you and him.

It's the feeling that tells you if you're okay... if you're safe

Your connection with your man IS your relationship!

And if you don't understand how he's testing you, you could be dating him, or engaged to him, or even married to him.

But your relationship could be on very shaky ground. You might feel anxious and insecure — maybe worried that he finds you inadequate.

You'll wonder if he's really in love, and really invested in you. You can't have a secure, safe, or thriving relationship with him without a solid connection.

However, if you do understand what I'm about to show you

You'll never need to worry
about losing his love.

Instead of fear and worry, you'll be filled with the warm, calm reassurance that your relationship is built on bedrock, and unshakable. You'll be able to break the "overthinking" habit, too.

Let go of the past, enjoy your present, and build the future of hope and promise with him and his love...

The women I coached also walked away from every session feeling like they'd just been given a super-power.

One woman was in her late 50s, and she was worried that she'd never find a man at her age.

And she did — without having to go online or go on embarrassing blind dates to find him...

Another woman was even considering having cosmetic surgery because she was convinced that her fiance was falling "out of love" with her because of her looks.

She came back to me after canceling the surgery, telling me about how quickly she had turned him around, and he was now pursuing her once again — obsessed and infatuated with her like when they had first met.

It didn't matter if the women I worked with were married, single, or in a complicated situation.

If she followed my system,
she had him eating
out of the palm of her hand...

Now, at this point, you might be thinking — "Okay, Carlos - can you please share this magical 'connection power' with me?"

Absolutely — I'm happy to show you the secret... AND the 3 tests every man gives you.

Before I give up the secret of this ability, I want you to pay very close attention to everything I'm about to tell you and show you... because it could make the difference between keeping him in love with you, or him growing more distant — possibly even walking out on your relationship...

By the way, what I'm going to show you here also exposes WHY he might fall into the arms of another woman... and how to prevent it.

Ready? Okay, let's cut straight to the secret of how to make almost any man fall for you as if you've cast an unbreakable spell over him and his heart.

Now, obviously you want a man to see you as the "cookie" he desperately wants right now — instead of the broccoli he knows he SHOULD want, but he's scared will just be boring to him.

The secret to getting him to see you in the right way is to pass the 3 Connection Tests he gives you.

But before I reveal those,

I need to show you
something completely shocking:

You're probably aware that you and every person on the planet has what they call a "personality type" — and so do men — obviously.

Some people are listeners, some are shy, some are cynical... There are hundreds of types and tests.

You might have even been taught that if you just know which personality type he is, you'll know if you're "compatible" with him. You'll know if you two were meant to be.

If you're compatible with him, that's the secret — so this wisdom tells us anyway.

But that's completely wrong!

Let me ask you this: Have you ever known a guy that's totally addicted to a woman — and she is COMPLETELY not his type?

Like, she might even be toxic to him, but he's totally into her?

Or that guy you know who can't stop talking about the — let's be blunt here — the total b-i-t-c-h he just adores?

Or the ex-girlfriend or ex-wife that he can't seem to get over... who's no good for him, and is the complete opposite of him?

Why are men so obsessed with these women when compatibility is obviously NOT there? She's NOT his type at all.


Here's the dirty little secret
that none of the relationship gurus
want you to know about:

"Personality" is NOT compatibility!

It's not his personality that's important to creating a lasting connection... A loving connection...

In fact, it's the LAST thing in the world that matters for your relationship to succeed.

It's also one of the biggest myths of romance that has destroyed so many relationships that could have worked out!

I mean, we've created dozens — probably hundreds — of personality tests to figure out what kind of person we are...

What kind of guy he is... and yet we still fail at relationships

Obviously, relationships wouldn't fail like this if personality was the important part, right?

Well, there's one vital ingredient
that counts 100 times more
than his personality...

The one thing that is essential between you and the man in your life is your CONNECTION. When you don't have it...

When you don't have that connection...

When the connection is fragile between you, you'll find that he eventually grows more and more closed off and distant. And eventually

This is what pushes many men
into sexually — and emotionally — cheating...

When you have a strong and powerful connection, you have an open communication channel to him:

Now, I want to reveal those 3 Love Tests men give you...

And to see these tests, you have to know the shocking truth about men's emotions — HIS emotions.

You see, men really want love and connection with a woman. It's one of the most important things to him, and he's VERY wary about revealing that fact to you.

Here's something you may not know about men and their emotions:

Studies have shown that men are less capable of dealing with the stress and heartache of a breakup than women are.

"According to a recent study... divorced men are more susceptible to heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes than married men are..." — Journal of Men's Health.

In fact, when it comes to divorce, men are 39 TIMES more likely to commit suicide afterwards!

Men feel like their very identity crumbles
if their relationship fails...

And men go far deeper into depression — and for a longer time.

Most men don't want to reach out for help and appear weak to others.

Men also have very limited support circles and few close friends — unlike most women...

So when it comes to relationships, a man is VERY cautious about the woman he opens his heart to.

On many levels — especially instinct — men know just how vulnerable their hearts are. And they understand on a subconscious level how the wrong decision in a partner is actually life threatening to him!

Which is why men are VERY reluctant when it comes to jumping into a connection — and why he is so back-and-forth about being in a relationship with you. AND why he can't — and won't — explain it to you.

Heartbreak is agony for both sides, but if he chooses poorly, it could be deadly for his health and happiness.

Women often think that men are always looking at other women because we want to "conquer them all" — which misses what's really going on...

A man's greatest fear is THIS:

A man's greatest fear is that he will fall in love with the wrong woman! Which is why we guard our hearts behind an iron shield

So what do men do?

Here's our pattern: We will date a woman, and go in full-steam — hard and fast — doing anything and everything we can to impress you.

You've probably seen or experienced something like this when a guy goes way overboard in the early stages of the romance.

Eventually, you sleep together... and it's all fun for a little while. And that's when things start to change. He becomes more guarded... More closed off and distant...

You worry if maybe you slept with him too early or didn't give him enough challenge. You might wonder if he's bored with you — or tempted by the fruit of another woman... Maybe you said something wrong and scared him.

And no matter what you try to do to get him back, it feels like you're trying to grab at smoke... He just slips away between your fingers. But there's a way to stop this pattern, when you realizethat during the early romance, he's using his "sixth sense" to TEST you!

I know there's a lot of joking about how women test men, but the reverse is also true.

So what is he testing you for? What's he trying to find out about you?

Men Give you 3 different "Connection Tests":

Connection Test #1 - He's testing to see if this is the REAL you

Look, we know women wear makeup...

We know you wear clothes (and underclothes) that flatter your shape... We know you wear perfume to smell nice, and lotions to make you soft.

These are the things we find to be "acceptable illusions."

What a man will not tolerate is if he suspects you might not be who you appear under the surface.

For example, if a man has ever intentionally put you in an uncomfortable situation — with his family or friends — chances are, he was testing you to see how you'll handle yourself — and see if you're adventurous or spontaneous.

And even if you've been honest and truthful with him...

There are still unintentional "caution" signals that women give off.

If he sees one of these signals,
he could be scared off completely by accident.

So, let's say you manage to pass this test — the next test is:

Connection Test #2 - He wants to know if you can see the REAL him...

A man's experience is that women are very focused on making sure he listens to her.

She wants him to hear her out and really pay attention to what she's saying... And he should!

But what turns him off is a woman that pretends to understand him.

When a guy teases you or pokes a little fun, chances are he's trying to see how you handle it. Which tells him if you "get" him.

Oh, and he doesn't just watch to make sure you understand him as a man. He also wants to see that you also ACCEPT him exactly as he is!

Unfortunately, this is pretty rare in a man's experience because there are so many ways women unintentionally make him feel inadequate. Usually by trying to change him too soon.

There are some simple ways to make him feel understood AND respected — and I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

So if you pass those two tests, now

It's time for the last test — and the most important one!

Connection Test #3 - He's testing you to see if you match his connection style

This was the light bulb that changed everything for the women that I was coaching.

Most women don't know that men have a connection style — and it's the most important thing for him.

In fact, if you can match his connection style, he will very often cut you some slack on the other tests.

Men are looking to find the relationship "puzzle piece" that fits — that completes the connection for us.

Deep down, he ONLY cares that you match HIS Connection Style. Because that's what makes him feel like he's got his "cookie" in the relationship.

The cool part about knowing how to pass this test is that it's the test he gives you before he commits to you completely.

But wait — here's the best part: Even though there are literally thousands of different personality types out there billions of different guys...

There are only FIVE Connection Styles -

You might have seen 1 or 2 of the styles from experience — or accident — but if you know all five, you can have ANY man eating out of the palm of your hand, and when you know what they are, you never have to worry about flunking his test ever again.

Once you know what these five styles are — you can then match up with almost ANY guy you want when you know what his connection style is... And if he thinks your connection style is a match — if you pass those tests — THAT'S when he feels like he's got his "cookie" instead of the broccoli!

And he'll choose you over any other woman out there.

Here's another little secret: Most women mistakenly lump guys into a few convenient "types," like:

And they completely miss the fact that what he's doing is testing you to see if you're able to see the real him. But most women don't have the faintest idea what his connection style is — or how to figure it out.

And if you're one of them — don't worry! It's not your fault...

What women don't realize is that the guy who matches your connection style is the same guy that romances you non-stop — the guy that shares his feelings and dreams and hopes with you. The man that can't stop thinking about you — no matter how hard he tries...

The guy in your life that will literally get down on BOTH knees to beg you to share your life with him. The man that doesn't notice other women when you're around — no matter what sexy lure she tries to use on him to steal him away...

THAT guy is the one that matched your CONNECTION style - not your "personality" type or a lame compatibility test!

It seems so ridiculously simple,
and yet it took me years
to discover THIS...

Most people never discover this principle, and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.

I've spent years of watching couples who thought that if you just share the same taste in music or food, that this would tell whether or not your relationship will work... Only to watch them inevitably break up or get divorced months or years down the road.

A man only takes a chance on you ONCE when he tests you to see if you match his connection style.

Your window of opportunity is very short...

Once a man closes that window, he usually moves on. He might sleep with you, or pretend to be there with you, but it's only a matter of time before he's out the door.

But if you can still talk to him, he's still within reach!

There IS a chance to fix things
before it's too late...

— if you can break his Connection Code.

So what I wanted to do was create a simple system that any woman can use to connect — or reconnect — to her man.

What I did was, I closed myself in my office for 6 weeks...

(This wasn't terribly popular with my family, but I did come out for meals, read books with the kids, and spend some romantic down-time with my wife.
They also understood how important this project was to me...)

And what I created was something I consider essential for every woman to know — so she can have a lasting and loving connection with a man...

I call it...

The Connection Code -

Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, & Unbreakable Relationship With The Man You Love

Connection Code

Not only will you learn the 5 Connection Styles — and how to use them to create an iron clad, committed connection to the man you want — or the one in your life right now, you will finally understand why men choose the women they do!

You will understand all the possible connection styles that men have, so you'll know exactly how to match him.

And you'll even discover which connection styles match you best — understanding yourself better in the process

Here's What You'll Get In This Program:

Now, since you've read this far, I can guess 2 things about you:

First, I know that you're serious about your connection and committed to making your relationship better.

And second, you're smart enough to realize the advantages of having this kind of superpower with men.

So I want to give you a
HUGE advantage over other women...

I want to help you get there fast. In order to do that, I designed The Connection Code program to be simple and easy to use.

You're not going to have to pay thousands of dollars it costs to take seminars or workshops.

You won't pay $500 — to get a consultation with some "specialist". You won't even pay $300. You won't pay $200 — like you would for a couples therapy or counseling.

In fact, you won't even pay $100 — Even though it's worth much MUCH more.

When you claim your spot NOW, you'll get instant access to the entire "Connection Code" system For just $69.97.

Over the next month, that will break down to about $2.33 per day. That's less than a cup of coffee.

And when you consider the immeasurable value of the connection skills you'll have... this system really is PRICELESS.

The Connection Code will take your relationship to commitment with him faster than you ever thought possible.

Now if you're still reading this page,
you're smart...

And you're eager to get started...

Right below is a big button. All you have to do is click it now and you'll be taken to a secure check out page to proceed with your order.

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Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order, and after you click the button. You will get instant access to the entire Connection Code system — and all the bonuses that come with it.

This is a completely unique program. I can guarantee you that the secrets I'm going to share about men's connection styles, and cracking the code to their secret desires is going to rock your world.

All you need to do is simply watch this done-for-you system of video tutorials and presentations.

And to prove how sincere I am, and to take away any reason for you to hesitate...

Here's My 60 Day "No fine print I'll buy it back" 100% guarantee

I'm never satisfied unless YOU are COMPLETELY satisfied.

Try The Connection Code today and put it to the test. Use every shortcut and tip as many times as you'd like for the next 60 days — It's

Totally guaranteed. No risk,
and no obligation...

Connection Code

Take your time to let the system go to work for you and get you the results you desire. You be the judge — and if you decide it isn't for you, for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund your small payment — every penny. No questions asked, and no hassle.

Here's a message from Janice in San Diego, CA that she wanted me to share with you:

"Carlos is obviously brilliant, educated and knowledgeable but presents in a manner that is easy to understand, informative and SPOT ON!

Other programs pale in comparison...

I already have [recommended this program] to women of all ages, financial status, educational background...

"Carlos is more than worth
the time and money invested -
What is more important than
increasing the quality of life?"

Christie in Austin, TX sent me this message:

"My results are nothing short of amazing. I feel like my whole life, attitude towards men and dating, hell, the mysteries of the world, have been revealed to me!

I cannot thank you enough for your work, Carlos! This has changed my life!

I now have the confidence to date the men I like and decide fairly quickly before I get emotionally invested whether they make the cut. I feel like I will be able to find a good man quicker and have the healthy, loving, supportive relationship I've always desired.

There is no other program out there that is this informative, clear, accessible and affordable!"

And that's just the start...

You will not only get "The Connection Code" system, but absolutely free of charge — as a thank you for reading this page today — I'd like to give you a bunch of incredible bonuses as a thank you for taking action right now.

These bonuses will help you get out of the "just friends" zone with the man you want and into his loving arms faster and easier than you could ever imagine

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Have you ever felt like you've been your own worst enemy when it came to relationships and creating that real loving connection between you and him?

Sure, you probably have found yourself saying: "Men! They're all jerks and afraid of love..."

bonus programBut a part of you wants to be sure you're ready for him — so that when The One comes along, you don't miss your opportunity

You'll discover:

Plus, you'll also get free
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Have you ever wished you could have a remote control of your own?

bonus programOne that made him do what YOU wanted for a change?

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Now if you've stayed with me this far, we really only have two paths we can go down from here.

You can turn to the left, and you can keep doing what you've been doing. You can leave this page, and pretend that you didn't just discover the secret to your own relationship success and happiness.

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Now, if you're still reading, I bet you still have some questions.

Here are the most common questions
I get and the answers to help you out...

Question: Will this work on a specific man I'm thinking of?

Answer: Yes.

Everything in this system targets the shared psychology of all men, and this "Connection Style" completely determines whether or not he will pursue a committed, romantic relationship with you or not.

That means if he's a heterosexual guy, you'll get the relationship and CONNECTION you want with him...

Even if you think you're not his type, even if you're worried that he goes after younger or prettier girls, even if you think he doesn't see any relationship potential, and even if you think he never notices you...

You'll finally have the upper hand.

Question: Will this work if I'm not the age he typically dates?

Answer: Yes.

Surprisingly, when you know this "Connection secret" to make him see you as his type, and pass his tests.

His emotional gears will actually invent excuses about why he's so attracted to you and why he wants to be in a relationship with you. Even if you normally would think you're not "compatible" or his "type."

Question: Will this work if I think I'm not attractive enough or overweight or don't match his physical type?

Answer: Absolutely, because this method for passing his tests and making him want a relationship with you is programmed into him by nature — literally at birth. You can bypass all the obstacles you think stand between you and the relationship you want when you use the Connection Code, and then he can't help himself regardless of your appearance.

Question: Are you sure doing this won't mess up my chances with him?

Answer: Honestly, the reality is that what you're doing right now isn't working. What the Connection Code will give you is a completely scientific, tested plan backed by male psychology. Countless other women have used it as well, so it will work for you.

Everything in the system is thoroughly explained in video as well as audio and in diagrams that you can even keep with you on your phone, so you'll not only know what to do but you'll know why it works on men.

No more guessing and hoping, trying things that only might work. I'm so confident that this is the answer for you that I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

And there's a no-risk, no obligation guarantee. You really can't lose.

Question: How fast do I get access to "The Connection Code"?

Answer: You get instant access to "The Connection Code" and all of the free bonuses as soon as you complete your order. You'll be taken to a private members website where you can download the material in the comfort of your own home.

There are no packages to explain and you don't have to wait for the mail.

As soon as you order, the entire package and all of the bonuses are available right at your fingertips.

You'll be able to start discovering everything in literally less than two minutes, and you'll feel an intense and heavy surge of excitement as you imagine trying it out as quickly as possible to get out of the friend zone and into a DEEP connection with the man you want.

Question: How is this different from XY Z relationship advice?

Answer: The real difference between "The Connection Code" and any other book, DVD or relationship advice program out there is that The Connection Code" is the only system that bypasses all his games and defenses, making him want the same connection you do — so that he makes you the center of his life — and he'll think it was all his idea.

Other programs offer you generic, confusing advice that sounds good, but doesn't actually work in the real world. "The Connection Code" is the specific advice (and even a few "tricks") that will make him not only notice you as his perfect match and soulmate, he'll stop at nothing to win you over and get you into his arms as quickly as possible.

QUESTION: "Who should NOT buy The Connection Code?"

Well, it's not easy to enforce this, but women who have a history of emotional anger at men should NOT buy this program.

If you feel you might willingly or possibly unconsciously abuse this loophole in the male psychology.

Let me tell you from direct personal experience that guys can become obsessive and very possessive of you.

If you can't handle this kind of connection to men responsibly, or you think you might use it harmfully, I will personally ban you from the site and the tips I show you within the members area.

I'm only sharing this information with women who are responsible and understand what they could do to a guy's heart if this was abused

Not to turn men into an obsessed stalkers. Even though you can do it, you just shouldn't.

Fair enough?

My hope is that when you get The Connection Code you'll use it to create a fantastic connection and a loving relationship.

QUESTION: "How fast will I get results?"

The short answer is that your results will vary according to how quickly you let these techniques go to work for you.

It's like anything, if you're the type who buys books without reading them or gets movies without watching them, then you probably won't get much out of this program either.

You have to actually watch the videos and follow along. And you have to take what you've found and let it go to work for you in real life — with a real man — because it's not some magic pill where you just complete your order and then, without even logging in, he's going to show up at your doorstep with a 4 carat engagement ring.

That's a bit of a fantasy, and if all you want is to snare a guy without actually getting better, then you might as well just find any old sugar-daddy to keep you company.

But I know you want more — you want a loving connection with the man you adore — a lasting connection that crosses time and space and has no limits — and that's what "The Connection Code" was made to do.

Besides, as a side benefit, guys are captivated by confident women — so that makes you get even better results — and it puts you on a wild upward spiral of success.

It's really like learning any new skill, you'll get exactly what you put into it.

QUESTION: "Is my credit card safe? And what will show up on my bill?"

Again, it's not me personally who's going to be charging your card, it's our publishing company, Perfect Passion Publications™ — using a trusted, secure server.

You'll see "Keynetics" ... that's what will show up on your bill.

I've had hundreds of thousands of customers over the years because they've been doing this a very long time — and it's a family run business.

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You just enter your information on the checkout page.

I mean I'm here to help and empower people, and help them improve their lives.

So yes you're going to have a great customer experience, guaranteed.

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Connection Code

Only $39.97 today - Optional Trial available
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