Stop Him From Pulling Away - Science Discovers The Trigger To Men's Desire & Commitment...

The Secret To Going From Casual To Committed In Just Days - Instead Of Months, Or Years...!

"It Was The Worst Possible Thing She Could Say To Him..."

But she couldn't help herself... she didn't know what else to do.

woman crying

"We've been dating for three years now..."

"I just need to know where this is going!"

As she says this to Jim, Maggie feels her stomach twist up inside, her inner voice telling her she's about to ruin everything...

And at the worst possible time -

On their anniversary...

But she just can't help herself - The words just jump out - and she can't stop them.

And Even As Maggie Speaks, She Feels Jim Pulling Back From Her...

Jim gets up to leave, and Maggie's heart races in her chest -

She wonders -

"How am I going to fix this?"

"How am I going to get him back?"

"And if I do, will he ever really be there for me?"

She stops - she catches her breath.

She knows she's got nothing to lose now -

"Wait!" she gasps...

And Then She Says A Few Innocent Words I'd Taught Her Earlier That Day - And Holds Her Breath...

And then -

Jim sits back down next to Maggie - his eyes light up and lock on to hers.

For the first time he really sees Maggie - And the cold distance between them disappears.

For the rest of the evening Jim won't stop staring at Maggie and adoring her.

Caressing her arm and back...

He's entranced with every word she says...

And finally - he wraps his arms around her and gives her a deep, passionate kiss that makes her neck tingle.

It Was As If Jim Had Been Touched With A Magic Wand - Because It Didn't Go Back To The "Old Patterns" After That...

These blissful moments keep happening for Maggie -

Until the next amazing thing that I'm about to show you...

Hi, My name is Carlos.

If you've ever wondered why men pull away just when things are going great...

Why he grows cold and distant... Why he starts blaming you and becoming defensive...

Read this report to the very end...

If You're A Woman Over The Age Of 30, This Could Be The Most Important Information You Ever See...

And in the next 2 minutes, I'm going to reveal recent discovery about men's emotions...

It's a POWERFUL command hidden in every man's DNA that he must obey.

It's a Trigger for Desire that he's powerless to resist...

This Strange Command Over His Thoughts And Feelings Will Let You Erase All His Defenses And Reluctance


It's called -

The Cupid Effect

And it makes him do crazy, impulsive things - The kind of stuff that poets and authors have written about for thousands of years...

It's the reason that men throw caution to the wind - and become spontaneous romantic.

The Cupid Effect makes him come back to a woman he's left -

AND It makes him see you in a completely new way.

This Cupid Effect is the secret to getting him to stop holding back and dragging his feet.

The Cupid Effect Makes Him Obey His Inner Desire To Reach Out And Love You Deeply And Intimately

It's THE trigger for complete love, commitment to you - and your relationship

His heart will feel connected to yours - glowing with feverish desire and obsessive, passionate devotion.

You see - The Cupid Effect is the unfair advantage for you. It's how you can turn the tide - make him adore you and love you the way you want.

You'll see his eyes soften as he feels this arrow of love hit him...

He'll even feel it in his body deep in his chest like a warm wave flooding his heart with desire for you.

You'll be able to take an FWB - "friends with benefits" - and turn it into blind desire and a committed relationship.

Without having "The Talk" with him...

Without having to play head games...

Without having to pressure him...

No matter how hopeless it might seem right at this very moment - once he feels The Cupid Effect take hold on his mind, body, and soul -

Nothing will matter to him more than you!

And he won't even know why he's fallen so hard for you -

Because This Secret Love Law Works Completely Beneath His Awareness...


Before I show you how this Cupid Effect works -

And before I tell you the real-life story of how women like you use this desire trigger every day to create the most romantic and deeply committed relationships of their lives -

Tell me if Maggie's situation sounds familiar to you...

Every time she would go out with a guy, he seemed really into her...

Maggie did her best to be careful and not rush things, trying to say the right thing at the right time - and avoid freaking him out or scaring him away...

And he would start out calling her, texting her all the time.

He would bring her cute gifts, leave notes around her apartment, and drop hints about their future together...

And Then They Got Intimate With Each Other...

And Literally Everything Changed Overnight

He grew distant, stopped calling Maggie...

He responded to her texts hours later - instead of seconds - and usually with just a one-word response: "ok"

The fun romantic gestures disappeared...

And then HE disappeared.

Every so often - when Maggie reached her limit - she would have a small "freak out" that she immediately regretted.

And then she wished she could take back the panic texts and voicemails she sent in a heated moment.

Why Do So Many Relationships Seem To Follow This Pattern?

Why does it start out so wonderful, and then he inevitably pulls away and grows cold?

Like he hits a wall and stops caring...

Why do men withdraw just when you're starting to create something special?

Well, I'm going to reveal the REAL reason men pull this "ghost" routine on you, and how to avoid it ever happening again.

I'm going to show you how to keep his heart open to you forever...

You'll Be Able To Turn Almost Any Situation Around Into Devoted, Passionate, And Committed Connection...

You have to know how this works, because almost every guy you date will run into this wall with you.

I'm also going to reveal how most men decide whether you're The One for him... Or not.

And how a man decides which woman he commits his heart and soul to.

Which relationships he commits to with feverish desire - and which ones he abandons

There's a good chance that ONE belief you learned as a little girl has ruined a promising relationship for you.

This belief has worn down your self-confidence, and left you feeling miserable about ever finding The One for you... (I'll tell you what that belief is here in a second.)

I Want You To Know - There Is Hope!

You might not have heard of me, but I've been coaching and working with men and women on relationships for over 17 years.

I'm also a trained relationship counselor practicing near Portland, Oregon...

And until I found this secret, I was struggling to help the women I worked with to help them overcome this problem pattern with men.

When a guy stops responding to you and you feel some distance, it's scary.

It feels like this could be the turning point of the relationship going sour. But the truth is that he's just reached a very important phase in the relationship...

Every man goes through it in every relationship.

"This Is What I Call The Deer-In-The-Headlights Moment..."

deer in headlights

Have you ever seen a deer caught in a car's lights?

If a deer sees your headlights coming, it will just stop and freeze up right where it stands

Even in the middle of the highway - even in the face of impending doom!

The phrase "deer in the headlights" actually means someone who's paralyzed.

That's what happens to a guy when he's a "Deer-in-the-Headlights."

He's frozen! He's stuck trying to figure out what to do next.

On one hand, he feels the urge to bolt and run for his life... On the other hand, he's stuck in place in your relationship.

All Men Stop Here In A Relationship - Whether You Notice It Or Not

In fact, if he's gone silent on you or withdraws, or he seems a bit distant and impatient with you, or he seems like he's lost interest -

Chances are, he's having a Deer-in-the-Headlights moment

And the headlights are ... YOU!

A man sees your focus on the relationship just like the beams of car headlights.

Some are dim, some are bright, and some are blinding high beams!

Questions like:

"Where is the relationship going?"

"Where do we stand?"

"Where do you see us in 5 years?"

"Do you want to have kids?"

And yes, even:

"What are you thinking about?"

Those questions are the headlights that freeze men up - just like a deer...

And while a man might leave a relationship when he feels commitment pressure -

Most Of The Time He'll Stay With You - And Freeze The Relationship In Place...

Giving you excuses as to why he won't commit - dragging his feet for months or even years.

There are three things every guy thinks right at this moment:

And it's only a matter of time before he does leave.

If you've ever heard any of his excuses - like:

"I really want to focus on my career..."

"Let's just enjoy what we have..."

"I want to take things slow..."

"I'm not ready to settle down..."

"I don't have time for a relationship right now..."

"My ex really hurt me..."

"It's hard for me to trust..."

“I don't want anything serious right now...”

If you've heard anything like those excuses from a guy, you might accidentally think that he's just afraid of commitment.

But he's actually having a Deer-in-the-Headlights moment!

And then -

You'll Be Frozen Right There With Him - If You Don't Know How To UN-Freeze Him

You need to stop his stalling...

But there IS hope - If he's still paralyzed in the relationship, he hasn't left yet! You can still get him to turn things around and get a real commitment from him.

The key to getting unstuck is knowing how to use The Cupid Effect

The Cupid Effect Works By Releasing His Brakes And Making Him Realize How Right You Are For Him...

"I don't worry about our love anymore - and we always feel connected..."

"When I first heard about the Cupid Effect, I thought it might be more of the same lame advice I always see out there on the Internet --

until I used it on my guy...

I was shocked when he started getting deeply emotional with me, and has opened his heart up completely to our relationship."

Laura, Madison, WI

"No more distance, no more pulling away from me..."

"It's like awakening the hopeless romantic in him -- no more distance, no more pulling away from me... I'm a believer!"

Maggie, Nova Scotia

You see, this Cupid Effect is etched into his DNA at the deepest level


Men Are Pre-Programmed To Obey The Cupid Effect - Since It's The Key To His Survival

That may sound harsh, but it's why men are powerless once The Cupid Effect is triggered.

The Cupid Effect is how countless women have saved their relationships from conflict, breakup, and even divorce.

By now you're probably wondering:

What Is The Cupid Effect?

The Cupid Effect is simply this:

In Order For A Man To Fall In Love With You, He Has To FEEL It...

He Has To Feel Love Strike Him PHYSICALLY

IN his body!

Like getting LOVESTRUCK with an arrow.

You see - men don't fall in love little by little - Men fall in love SUDDENLY and completely.

Recent scientific studies show - men tend to fall in love faster than women do.

"Women are more cautious about falling for a guy [than men]..."

- Journal of Social Psychology 2011

Yes, men fall in love as if they were hit by an almost supernatural force

The Cupid Effect Is Just Like Being Shot In The Heart With Love - As If By An Arrow Dipped In Love Potion...

The only word he has for it is .... WOW.

And if he doesn't feel this "Wow" with you - he will slowly lose interest in the relationship, looking around for new options - until he runs into a woman who CAN give him that WOW feeling.

Think about the last time you fell HARD for a guy...

It didn't take weeks and weeks, did it?

It happened fast... And you may not have thought you were in love - but you FELT it in your body, maybe even in your heart.

Guys are the same way...!

This feeling of being head over heels in love can't stop thinking about you, struck-by-lightning, DESIRE.


This feeling is the Cupid Effect!

The Cupid Effect Is Much More Powerful Than Infatuation Or A "Crush"

- it's why we call it being "lovestruck"

And the best part is that you already have the arrow to hit him with!

Hang on and I'll show you what it is...

Who am I?

And How Do I Know About This Stuff?

Carlos CavalloMy name is Carlos Cavallo, and I'm a bestselling author, and a love coach and relationship healer of over 17 years.

I'm known for coaching women - But I actually started out as a dating coach for men.

You might think that guys only find a dating coach to help them turn into players or pickup artists -- that's what I thought at first -

- and for a small number of guys, that's true.

But after years of working with thousands of men, I was shocked to discover that...

Most Men Over The Age Of 27 Are Looking For A Committed Relationship...

Most men are actively looking for a woman they can marry and start a family with.

Men also revealed to me why they desire certain women and ignore others, why they find some women irresistible, and not others...

I uncovered the deep emotional experience of men and what words arouse his vow of devotion to you.

I discovered why guys ghost women after one or two dates, even if they had a really great time with her.

Ultimately - I even found how one woman can stand out to him as "The One", making him forget about anyone else but you.

And I discovered -

How To Use This "Cupid Effect" To Transform Him Into A Man Who Will BEG A Woman To Marry Him

- and spend the rest of her life with him.

Later, when I began my couples therapy practice, I worked mostly with women who were going through the pain of this deer-in-the-headlights problem.

But they didn't know that was happening.

Most often, it was a relationship where the man was growing cold and distant, indifferent to her and the relationship.

Most women have been told it's because the man is afraid of commitment, or she may have said or done something that pushed him away or scared him off.

Let Me Show You Something Shocking That Completely Exposes This Lie...

A few years back, I was phone coaching several women through this same situation, helping them with the same basic questions:

"How do I keep him from pulling away right when things start going good?"

"Why does he freeze up or run away when I'm ready to fall in love?"

And that grandaddy of all questions:

"Why Won't He Commit To Me? He Won't Talk About Our Relationship..."

Maggie came to me because her boyfriend - Jim - had started getting quiet, and she wasn't his priority anymore. He was always "too tired" or "too busy."

The sex had slowed down to nothing, and she felt like she was the only one working on their connection, and always fighting...

Right at that moment - right as I was talking to Maggie about her relationship with Jim - something kept nagging me from the back of my thoughts...

Something my other male coaching clients had said that rang a bell - and I suspected it could be the key to unlocking this puzzle.

I started going through my notes -

And That's When I Found The Hidden Connection I'd Almost Missed Completely...

Every one of the men I'd coached mentioned something weird

Something that most people wouldn't have noticed

arrow and bow

And it turns out this was THE clue that uncovered the Cupid Effect

And how to use this "Arrow" to get him good and hooked on you

Cupid's arrow is simply a way to make any guy feel that love-blast

That overpowering "WOW" of desire - That intense tingle that tells him he's falling in love

And the best part is that it's below his conscious level of awareness - he won't realize what's happening to him

So that when you use the Cupid Effect on him -

You'll See The Change In His Eyes, The Desire Light Up In His Eyes And His Expression As He Starts To Worry About Losing You...

He'll adore you and pull you close to his chest, he will try to figure out how to spend more and more time with you.

And he'll suddenly realize that you're The One for him!

SECRET: A man knows you're The One when he feels you're irresistible and he can't stop thinking about you...


He'll believe it was all meant to be - and that you're the source of his happiness

He'll never think for a minute that you triggered his deepest desire for you

When I uncovered The Cupid Effect.

I Realized That I Had The "Golden Ticket" For Any Woman To Get Inside Almost Any Man's Head...

I could answer all the questions she desperately needed answered about men:

Over the years, I had pulled together a ton of scripts, phrases, and words that men shared in my coaching sessions. The phrases that almost magically get him to do whatever you want - whenever you want.

The Cupid Effect allows you to walk straight into his heart, and steer him wherever you want the relationship to go.

It allows you to

Bypass The "Logical" Part Of His Brain -- The Part Of Him That Freezes Your Relationship In Place...

And the best part is that all of these words were revealed to me by MEN I had coached

When you know what they are, you can use this Arrow on any man you care to aim it at.

Here's How The Cupid Effect Works In A Man:


Have you ever been pulled over by the police? For speeding, or any reason?

Even if you haven't been, you probably know THAT feeling... You're startled when you see the flashing lights of a police car or emergency vehicle behind you.

It starts your heart drumming, and makes you wake up and pay attention

All of a sudden, your focus is redirected to what is going on around you

Now the EXACT same thing happens in a man's mind and body when a woman hits him with this Adrenaline Arrow of Desire

In fact scientists have established that...

The One Thing That Men Crave Most Of All In This Day And Age Is The Thrill Of Feeling That Adrenaline Rush...

When your man is struck by it, he will feel real physical symptoms like:

He feels this overwhelming desire because The Cupid Effect shot him with adrenaline

A lot of guys seek out this adrenaline rush on their own

In his hobbies for example -

All of these intense activities give him that rush of the Cupid Effect!

Adrenaline gives him a physical thrill - the same feelings as being in love

They release the same blast of love-inspiring hormones into his bloodstream, and that's why men are so feverishly devoted to their hobbies and distractions.


They are literally IN LOVE with them!

When you see boys playing rough with each other, or dads wrestling with their boys...

That's why!

THAT is how men feel love -


The Cupid Effect Works By Lighting Up The Desire Circuit In His Brain

Now you understand -

If you want him to feel complete desire & commitment to you, you MUST hit him with The Cupid Effect

I'm going to show you how to shoot him with this "arrow"

But first...

Remember Maggie? The woman who thought she'd lost her chance with Jim?

I explained the Cupid Effect to her. I showed her how it triggers love hormones in a man's brain.

I told her...

There Are Simple, Innocent Things You Can Tell A Man That Will Crack Open His Heart

Releasing emotions that even he wasn't aware of...

I gave her the words and language to use it on Jim -

When Maggie used the Cupid Effect on Jim - he transformed nearly OVERNIGHT.

Two days after he basically walked out on her - after he told her that he just "wasn't ready yet" -

Maggie sent him a 3 simple text messages (that I will give to you word for word in The Cupid Effect)

Jim called her up in minutes, falling all over himself and apologizing. Maggie came home to find a bouquet of flowers on her porch that same night.

The note on the flowers said:

"I love you, I'm sorry... Can I ever make it up to you?"

Well, it's been a year since they got married, and I can tell you he did...

Make him feel this irresistible desire for you with the Cupid Effect.

The Cupid Effect Is THE Complete Recipe For DESIRE And DEVOTION From A Man.

It doesn't matter what your situation is right now, whether you're dating someone - trying to find your soulmate. Or you're in a relationship... Or even if you think you might have lost him.

If he's put your relationship on hold - freezing you up like a deer-in-the-headlights, you need to get him UNSTUCK right away

- Make him turn around right now, and come back to you, and awaken his longing for you all over again - with The Cupid Effect...

Finally, you can discover how to hit him with this Adrenaline arrow - and put The Cupid Effect right into his heart...


The Cupid Effect
The Secret Formula For Desire & Commitment...

The Cupid Effect

Let me show you the secrets you're going to discover in this simple system:

LESSON 1: "How To Be His #1 Priority"

LESSON 2: "The Committed Communication Method"

LESSON 3: The SECRET TRUTH About "Commitment Phobia"

LESSON 4: "The Distance Destroyer"

LESSON 5: "The Commitment Plan"

LESSON 6: "The Capture Strategy"

LESSON 7: "Conflict Into Connection" Method

LESSON 8: "Shutting Off His Logic"

LESSON 9: The Secrets Of "Crazy Love"

When a man is passionate about a woman, it makes parts of his brain shut down, including the parts controlling fear and judgement. I'll show you how easily men are inspired to desperate acts of love for you...

I'll show you what makes men do crazy things to prove his love - like:

The Cupid Effect

Imagine What It Will Feel Like When He Openly Appreciates You With Surprise Romantic Gestures, And Words Of Affection And Love...

BONUS: Discover "The Commitment Formula" & The Commitment Breakpoints...

Especially if he's thinking about breaking up...

And I'll show you how to get him to change his mind immediately...

When you know this simple recipe, you'll not only stop the arguing and his withdrawal -

You'll Be Able To Turn ANY Conversation
Into DEEPER Connection With Him...

Plus I'll give you my:

BONUS: How To Listen To Men To Make Him Yours program

- included for FREE...

Along with the Dos and Don'ts With Men and:

BONUS: How To Handle Commitment Phobic Men

... and much much MUCH more.

The Cupid Effect

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What would you pay to have the relationship you desire?




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The Cupid Effect

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Kristina Graham, A student and client

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Immediately! That's the amazing thing about "The Cupid Effect" that makes it unlike any other program of its kind.

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"What if it doesn't work for me?"

I'm so confident that "The Cupid Effect" will work for you, because these tips have worked for so many women I've coached throughout the years.

But if it doesn't work for you for any reason, you don't pay. It's as simple as that. Just send an email to Maria, my head of customer care, at

support (at) datingadviceguru.com

within 90 days of your purchase - and we'll quickly give you a 100% refund, no questions and no hassle.

Don't decide now - just TRY THE PROGRAM OUT... I'll take all the risk for you.

"What if I have questions about my order?"

I've assigned Maria personally to take care of my clients on this program so that if you need anything at all, just contact her and she'll help you right away.

Maria's email address again is:
support (at) datingadviceguru.com

But I promise, if you can use Facebook or email, you'll have no problems using this program.

"If I only want The Cupid Effect, do I need to subscribe to a monthly charge?"

The easy answer is NO -- there is NO subscription required -- or monthly charges!

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"The Cupid Effect" gives you what you need to communicate in every situation with men, and the bonus programs give you all of the tools you need to take your relationship to the deepest level.

Think of it this way, when you want to reach your exercise or diet goals -- there's nothing better than having regular coaching and motivation to keep you going. You'll easily multiply your chances for success by 20 times or more.

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How To Escape the Friend Zone

In this ebook, I'll reveal a complete path to avoid falling into the dreaded "friend zone" with a guy -- how to turn his attitude around so that he sees your love and wants nothing more than to be with you.

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The Cupid Effect

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This is Carlos Cavallo...

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