REVEALED: The Secret Password To Open The Armor Around His Heart

So You Can Understand Everything He's Thinking & Feeling, Break Through His Shell, And Connect With Him On A Deep Emotional level, AND He Will Realize You're His Soul Mate Forever...


Breakthrough in psychology reveals the real reason your man pulls away and resists committing to you...

"Is there distance between you and the man in your life?"

"If you knew a simple COMMAND you could use to open his heart up to you, get him to adore you completely, and right now, would you want to know it?"

The things he'll never admit to anyone... not even his best buddies – or even his mom.

The thoughts that shape every decision he makes - especially about YOU and your FUTURE together...

There Is A Secret Password That Will Unlock His Heart...

And release a flood of love and passion for you – and a cascade of racing thoughts all centered around one truth that stands before him plain as day:


"You need a password to continue..."

What would you do to have this password?

The one that unlocks his secret thoughts and feelings...

Are You Looking For The Hidden Key That Lets You Into His Very Heart And Soul?

Do you want the key that reveals his true feelings – and opens a deep river of connection and love between you?

What would it be worth to have the password that bypasses his resistance and his wall of defenses...?

The password that not only stops him from pulling away from you and becoming more distant but makes him drop to his knees and vow his undying love for you.

With no games, no manipulation, and no more heartache

Make sure you read this article to the very end because I'm going to show you the 3 questions that will expose his secret "password" to you that will unlock his heart & mind completely, making him passionately adore you, so that he realizes he's found his true love in your arms


Before I reveal the 3 everyday – but hidden – questions you need to know, I have to ask you a question...

Does This Happen To You:

At the start, he comes on strong for you – he chases you incessantly, gives you compliments, maps out dates and time together,

He buys you gifts, works hard to make you feel like the most special woman in the world... and then, months or weeks down the road; it stops. He pulls away from you.

The compliments stop, and he starts to seem distant. Maybe he says he's 'really busy' or he's 'under a lot of pressure'

He stops planning time together with you and becomes even more uninvolved, or he says he's not sure about his feelings for you, and turns hot and cold...

It drives you crazy wondering what's going on with him...

You might have gone online and Googled everything you could think of to understand him - or bought a bunch of books from Amazon...

But they just confused you more about what's really going on inside him. If you could just get him past his own reluctance and resistance...

You would be able to really reach him and make a meaningful connection. You know he would see you as the love he's been searching for, and let you inside.

He would see what he has with YOU...!

If you want to know why this happens to you, and what the secret "password" is that gets you into his mind and heart, waking up his romantic devotion for you, so that he sees you as the only woman he ever needs...

...This Could Be The Most Important Article You Read This Year – Or Possibly EVER

I'm about to reveal to you the 3 magical – yet ORDINARY – questions you can use to crack open a man's defenses and resistance – so you can understand everything he's thinking & feeling, unlock his heart and connect with him on a deep emotional level AND he will realize you're the woman – the soul-mate he's always dreamed of...

Have you ever met someone and just felt like you've known them for years?

You tell them things you haven't even told your own mom or best friends.

Well these are the same questions they ask you (indirectly) to create that instant bond.

To short-cut their way past anyone's defenses and resistance so that they can know a man's deepest hopes, dreams, wishes, and everything that makes them tick

Carlos14 My name is Carlos Cavallo

First of all – I'm a guy...

And I've been THAT guy. The man who had one foot in the relationship, and one foot out the door. And I've also been pulled back from the edge, where I almost lost the woman most important to me.

She was able to break through my shields and connect to me – deeply, almost spiritually And I've been with her ever since. (And trust me, I'm not going anywhere.)

In fact, we've got two gorgeous babies together, and we're getting married this year.
(Yeah, we were so eager to start our family, we just couldn't figure what to do first...!)

She discovered this password to my heart...

Now before I tell you about our curious little love story. And how I discovered this secret method for how to capture your man's heart and what makes men open up their feelings, spoil the woman in our life with gifts, attention, and affection, and pull you into our lives to be by our side.

And before I reveal those 3 magic questions that show you the secret "password" to his heart...

I have to ask you a very sensitive question: Are you in 'Fool's Love‘?

If you don't know, "Fools Love" is that feeling that you're completely in love with him, but that he might not be with you.

And it can be a very scary and uneasy place to be!

You made yourself vulnerable to him - you tried to pull him close to you, to get him to open up. You're doing everything you can to reach him, to get him to feel the love you're pouring out to him.

The more you try, the more he pulls away...

Some days you feel a connection, and other days, he's really distant. He runs hot and cold, and it's so frustrating...!

"Fool's Love..." It's Not That You're A Fool For Loving Him – It's That You Feel Like You Might Have Been Fooled Into The Wrong Relationship

Look – magazines and movies have brainwashed millions of women into thinking that all men have "commitment phobia"

(Which – by the way – is a complete load of rubbish.)

Here's something that may shock you:

- Guys WANT to have a girlfriend - even if they don't know it – or seem reluctant at the time...

- He WANTS a girlfriend – and even to get married BUT he needs it to be HIS idea.

That's why any overt attempts to "get serious" on your part just trigger his withdrawal mechanism – and he pulls away and runs.

As a woman, you're right if you feel like YOU need to move things forward – that you need to make that connection with him.

But if you just hang around and keep sleeping with him – hoping that one day he'll realize that you're the one for him... then your heart could be broken!

If you move things forward in a way that makes him feel PRESSURED... then he'll disconnect and pull away even faster.

But There Is Hope!

There is a way out of "Fool's Love."

IF you know the "password" to his heart and soul and I will show you 3 everyday – but surprising – questions that will safely lower his guard and reveal the secret password to his heart.

Get him to open up to you, and wake up his inner romantic again and make him realize once and for all...

You're the woman he wants to be with – forever.

I'll show you what those three questions are in a second, but first let me tell you my quirky love story.

Listen carefully...

This Weird Little Romance Holds The Secret Of Lifelong Love And Commitment From The Man You Desire...

A while back, Jen – my fiance – and I were enjoying a nice Italian dinner in the North Beach district of San Francisco...
When I popped the question to her.
No, not THAT one... She was already wearing the 1.5 carat diamond engagement ring I gave her
I asked her this: "How the heck did you do it?"
"Do what?" Jen said.
"How did you hook me in like this? I mean, I'm not complaining, but I'm a little baffled by it all."
She shrugged. "You mean in this relationship? Don't you want to be here?" She had one of those smiles that told me she had an idea where this was going
I sighed and waved my hands...
"No. Nice try there, but that's not it. I love you – and our relationship. You know that. "But I'm curious what it is you did differently that none of the other women I've dated had ever been able to do."
"You got me to practically beg to be your boyfriend and husband. Usually we guys resist that sort of thing, you know."
Jen took another bite of her pasta and shrugged again. "I suppose I just figured out your password."
"Huh?" I asked, chuckling nervously. This was the first time I'd ever heard this idea.
I smiled, and said, "A 'password?' Like... on a computer?"
Jen nodded at me. "Yup." I was kinda scared she had actually gotten into my computer and had been reading my old email.
"So... uhm... you've got my password...?‘ Jen looked up at me, realizing why my eyes were so wide.
She put her fork down, finished her bite, and then said "No, no, not a real password to your phone or something"
"I just figured out what I needed to know to break past your defenses – AND really open up your heart to me
"I just had to find the right thing that would help you see the light. That I was the girl for you."
"But I didn't have... any... defenses," I said, trailing off and then it hit me. I GOT it.
"Whoah," I said. "No way!" Jen gave me a pleased-with-herself smile, and shrugged.
I was speechless...
"You didn't have any defenses," Jen said, "because I never scared you with 'The Talk,' or asked you 'Where is this going?' or any of that stuff that makes men pull away. Remember, it was YOU that told me you wanted to be exclusive first."
She was right!
When Jen and I first started seeing each other, I had the usual hesitation to getting into a full blown relationship
But it wasn't long before I was actually scared to death she'd be out dating other guys, so *I* was the one that asked Jen to take our relationship to the next level
After only 2 months...
And I had thought it was all MY idea!
Jen went on: "Every guy has this part of him that really does want to be in a committed relationship."
"But you can't get to it by trying to make a guy your boyfriend"
"He has to wake up and – Ta-da! She's that girl – the girl he always wanted."
"That's what happened to us: When I found your 'password,' you were convinced I was that girl."
Jen went on: "Usually women make HUGE mistakes that make it nearly impossible for her to find his 'password,' but *every* guy has one."
Now, I wish I could say I felt tricked or manipulated, but I didn't. Not in the slightest! After all, Jen was a fantastic woman. She is "THAT" girl for me. Sure, she had her flaws, like any other woman...
She's occasionally insecure, she gets a bit stressed out, and worries about her figure...
(She's also addicted to her celebrity drama magazines...)
But Jen's also smart, sexy, and made me happy – scratch that – euphoric to be her man. What guy wouldn't want that?
Jen knew how to reach through my resistance and connect with me, awakening my inner romantic, back when we first met, Jen and I had the exact same problem that millions of couples out there have
I should say, Jen had the problem – It was ME! I was perfectly happy dating around...
"Playing the field..."
And it had nothing to do with "commitment phobia". Part of me was looking for a girlfriend. But at first I wasn't really committed to her and our relationship.
And if Jen hadn't figured out my 'password,' I most likely would have let her slip away. I'm so thankful she knew what she was doing, because otherwise we both would have lost out.
BIG time...
A man's "password" is simply the signal he needs from you to let you into his heart
to connect with you and commit to you...
so that he recognizes you're the woman of his dreams...
So that he's yours FOREVER.
Eventually Jen revealed to me that there are actually 3 questions that work with almost ANY guy to reveal his "password" - the password that pushes his "commitment button" and lets him know it's safe to let you in.
That unleashes his passion for you, and wins his full devotion, appreciation, and commitment. If you get the password wrong, it makes it nearly impossible to get him to open his heart up to you.
You'll be locked out...
Your connection will be broken, and you'll be shut out and forbidden from accessing his love for good. Just like when you type in the wrong password to your Facebook, or your email -
Only with his heart, if you get the password wrong, you never get a second chance.
The good news is that finding his password isn't complicated AT ALL and in fact I was shocked I hadn't noticed what Jen did...

You Have To Understand, As A Woman:

If you don't know his "password" – to flip the commitment "switch" in his brain – he'll always feel scared and hesitant.

Which is why he gives you mixed signals... He WANTS to be with you, but he CAN'T!

Getting his password is the only way to get him to lower his defenses, for you to touch his heart and soul in a profound way and get him to respond with passionate devotion for you -

How Do You Get Him To Open Up To You, Become A Devoted And Adoring Boyfriend, And Give You Everything You Deserve As A Woman?

It turns out, it was just this ONE small thing that Jen did differently than every other girl I'd been with.

These weren't grand gestures or big personality differences... just a tiny little thing that most people probably wouldn't even notice.

But – just like a tiny bit of snow can start an avalanche...

This "little thing" created a landslide of romantic passion in me that compelled me to chase her to communicate my deepest feelings with her... and to commit to her...

Jen had found my password – and with it came complete access to my heart.

I'm About To Share With You Three Ordinary – Yet Hidden - Questions That You Can Use To Reveal His Password

To unlock his heart for you, reach him on a deep emotional level, and bring out his inner romantic making him passionately adore you & commit to you, so that he sweeps you off your feet and into his arms forever...

And I'm going to show you how any woman can use the questions to push the "commitment" button in a man's brain...

So even the most scared, resistant, commitment-phobic man... will look her in the eyes and say the words that are pounding in his heart:

"I want you. And I want to be with you for the rest of my life." But before I tell you how to do this.. You need to know something very important.

It's so critical, in fact, that this one thing I'm about to show you could make ALL the difference in the world.

Between feeling that fear that he may never open his heart up to you - that he might never appreciate you or completely love and respect you the way you deserve.

And on the other side, getting him to drop his resistance, pull you close to him emotionally, and have him begging you to be his forever...

FACT: Most Women Tried Pressuring Me Into A Relationship But That Just Made Me Feel Smothered...

They also tried "not pressuring me" and just being the easy breezy fun-loving girl that doesn't care about having a relationship... but that just made me see them as "NOT relationship material."

And (since I'm being honest) I'd lose respect for those women because I felt they were being a little manipulative...

A woman who knows a man's password can get all the access she wants to almost any man she wants.

And almost every guy I know has defenses – a shell around him – that resist being committed to a woman who doesn't know how to get through to him.

A woman has to know how to get past it, or she will never be able to fully connect with him. She'll never be able to really REACH him on a meaningful level.

But if she CAN do it, if she can just get past his armor, reach his heart and really connect with him, she'll free his dreamy-eyed romantic side, and she will have his undying love and affection.

In fact, he'll fight heaven and earth to have her and keep her by his side I reflected on what Jen had said to me for several weeks:

A "Password" That Drops The Walls Around A Man's Heart And Lets Her In...

It almost sounded too good to be true, but there it was, plain as day.

It was REAL – It had worked on ME, and Jen had even used it on other guys before.

Jen had somehow managed to crack the secret "man-code", She understood how to walk right into my heart, get me to open up my feelings, and WANT to keep her forever.

Because guys don't really pull away from women because we don't want to commit - or we're "commitment phobic."

That's a myth. (Usually spread by jilted lovers and clueless self-help 'gurus.')

We really do want marriage and kids – and the fun part of being "domesticated."

You see, men fail to commit to a woman and men pull away because... She never asks these 3 simple – yet overlooked – questions to get through to him and get what she really wants:

His passion, his open heart, and his enduring loyalty to her.

If she asks the questions... She gets his "password" and that PROVES to him that she IS his Miss Right.

Any woman that's broken up with her boyfriend only to find him dating a new girl in just a week, or engaged to the next girl in just months will relate to what I'm saying right now.

It stings, but the reason he gave that new girl what you so eagerly desired:

And those three questions get you into his heart...

They reveal everything he's thinking & feeling, break through his guard, and connect you with him on a deep emotional level, AND he'll realize that he's found his home in your arms.

Here's Something That Almost No Woman Knows About Men:

A man isn't just "committed" or "NOT committed."

There are actually three stages of commitment men go through in every relationship:

The stages are:

Now, most women don't even know those stages exist, much less which stage their man is in, or what to say to reach him so that he feels safe moving forward and committing his heart to you.

Instead of pushing you away and disconnecting.

You see, women can be in all three stages at the same time – multi-tasking, as they say. But men go through each of these stages, one at a time – sequentially.

Just knowing those stages puts you ahead of 90% of the women out there who keep repeating the same mistakes with men and losing him over and over again.

Because Here's The Shocking Truth -

And the most deadly mistake women make with men:

If you don't know what stage he's in, and you assume you're further ahead with him than you are, he'll *pretend* to go along with you for a while – but then he's going to disappear.

What was once incredible and fulfilling for you turns into Fool's Love...

Where he pulls away from you and leaves you feeling abandoned and forsaken...

Stay with me and I'll show you how to avoid that deadly mistake.

Right now, I'm going to show you those questions and how Jen used them to melt my heart.

So you can break through his resistance, get inside his head and his heart, and really reach him, so he will realize you're his soul mate...

SECRET QUESTION 1: Where Is Your Man Right Now?

Have you ever had one of those guys you thought you had this fantastic connection with?

You stayed out late talking to him, and you two had so much in common...

It was like Destiny had delivered the Perfect Man to you.

You end the date with a passionate kiss, and you just KNEW this guy was something special.

He said he'd call you soon so you could see each other again...

And you were on pins and needles waiting for him...

Checking your phone all day long.

But he never called you.

And after a few days of trying, you couldn't reach him...

Poof! – he disappeared, and you never saw him again.

You thought you'd done something wrong, said something wrong, maybe not slept with him fast enough...

Well, the reason this happened is... none of those reasons.

It happened because you didn't know what stage he was in.

You really didn't know where he was – Attraction? Connection? ALMOST about to commit?

You may have unknowingly jumped ahead...

You didn’t know it, but you accidentally sent him a signal that you were moving faster than he was... he got spooked and ran for the hills.

You Were Probably Ready For Connection – Or Even Commitment When He Was Still Stuck In Attraction...

Or, if he's all ready for the Connection phase, and you act aloof & distant – trying to be cool and pretend to be his playful, sexy girl...

Then you'll look like a "bad girlfriend."

A game player.

But if you know what stage he's in – and I'll show you how to figure it out – then you'll never have to worry about sending the wrong signals ever again and you'll never worry about where you stand with him – or scaring him away.

Jen met me when I was just dating around and having fun. I really wasn't thinking I wanted a steady girlfriend... One thing Jen knew she had to find out about me was if I was a guy that was just running around in lust, or if I was capable of connection.

After Jen figured out where I was, the next question she had to answer was...

SECRET QUESTION 2: Why is he stuck?

Have you ever found yourself wondering: "What's he waiting for? Why aren't we moving forward?"

- Does it seem like there's always a reason he can't let you into his heart?

- Does he send you mixed messages – "Come closer!" – "Go away!" – leaving you confused and heartsick?

- Does he ACT like he's in a full relationship with you, but won't ever make it official and use the G-word: Girlfriend?

- He's affectionate and possessive of you in public, but when you're home, he might as well be ignoring you?

- He used to open doors and act chivalrous, but now you feel more like his hang out buddy than his lover?

If any of these sound familiar to you, it could be because he's STUCK where he is with you

It might even seem like he's resisting moving forward with you -

Maybe even getting more distant – further away from you -

Pulling away...

Fighting your love with all his hot & cold behavior...

But the truth is – he's actually NOT!

SPECIAL TIP: He's looking for signals from you to take things to the "next level" - to move the relationship forward.

He's waiting on YOU to show him those signals, so that he knows it's "for real."

I know, I would be nice if he took the initiative and took things to the next level. In this case however, a man needs YOU to give him a specific signal to let him know he's safe to move forward.

Otherwise, he won’t believe it’s FOR REAL even though it feels like you’ve tried every signal in the book.


The real problem is that most women don't know what signal is he's REALLY looking for!

This signal is not obvious, and most men can't put it into words that women understand. (At least, until now...!)

When you know why he's stuck, you'll know how to un-stick him, it's NOT because he doesn't want to connect or commit to you and it's not because he's got a phobia about having a girlfriend – or even a wife... (contrary to what the books, magazines, and some friends may have told you)

Even after Jen and I started dating, she knew I was reluctant and I also remember how I was totally smitten with her – AND I was feeling this strange yet powerful bond with her...

Most every guy will resist a woman when a connection is being made just because we're guys and we're not used to that experience but Jen didn't panic when I wasn't moving forward.

Because she knew the 3 questions.

I remember distinctly being at a dance club called Ruby Skye here in San Francisco we were leaving, exhausted from hours of music and dancing. She knew I was a little "stuck" – a bit hesitant about getting involved and as we're leaving the club, she whispered a few words in my ear...

I felt tears well up in my eyes...

And Right There I Told Her I Love Her

It was like someone cracked open my heart and I just knew she was the woman I wanted.

Stay with me and I'll explain what that last – and most important – thing is...

What Jen knew she had to do...

I'll show you the third & last question Jen used on me to "seal the deal" and get me to commit to her mind, body, and soul

You see those two questions I just shared with you will help you discover the secret "password" to his heart:

These questions will unlock his heart & mind completely to you, making him passionately adore you
so that he realizes he's found his home in your arms...


But stick with me, because I still owe you the third - and probably the most important – question to share with you yet.

By the way, these questions also show you the signal he needs to fully commit and devote his heart to you so that he doesn't get cold feet and pull away from you.

So that he doesn't wind up being another detached and stand-offish man.

These questions are so perfect and so easy – and yet most women will never know they exist. Let alone how to get the answers to them.

It all comes down to knowing where your man is,

And then knowing why he's stuck there, frozen and distant - So you can finally get him to move forward with you.

Without the answers to these questions, you could find yourself out in the cold for a very long time - hoping that you're on the right path, only to find out it's not.

In just a second I'll show you the third question that you need to know to open his heart and get him to realize you're his soul mate (And Jen said she believes it's the most important of the three questions – and I agree) but first...

I Need To Share Something With You

I was so moved by discovering this secret, that I sat down with my fiance Jen for weeks picking her brain
And then I did my research – for over five and a half years!

You see, I was a life coach for guys for over 11 years before this.

I'd help them with their self-development, their conversation skills and I'd even hear all about their dating problems.

And I realized that if women could hear this, if she could see a GUY'S perspective, she could understand him, open his heart, and spellbind him to her.

I realized I wanted to open up a man's secret thoughts and desires to women.

So I spent literally thousands of hours of time and effort to bring you the deepest and most intimate thoughts your man has about relationships and YOU.

Because when you know what he wants, you'll naturally know what makes him choose one girl to be his only girl - To reach out to her with his love and adoration – for the long term.

Before I share that third and last question with you... And I really do believe it's the most important question of the three...

The Final Question That Opens Up His Heart, Lets You In, And Brings Out His Totally Devoted And Passionate Love For You...

You might feel like I've given you a lot to digest here. It's a lot of information to take in.

You could try to take what I've shown you so far and use it to finally break down those walls around his heart, if you're having trouble reaching him, and feel that you're in danger of losing the love you worked so hard to create.

Now, if you were really paying attention and jotting down notes, you can try to make a go of it on your own...

But time may not be on your side if you feel he's becoming distant or slipping away from you and what I discovered can help save your relationship before it's too late.

There is another choice – instead of going it alone – and it's the one that most women choose:

You can speed up the process and let me do all the hard work for you. You don't have to reinvent the wheel when there is a complete guide just waiting for you to follow a few simple steps.

With Jen's help, I sat down and laid out all the steps for you – or for any woman – to unlock and open the vault of a man's heart...

Release his passion for you, and seal his love for you forever.

To finally understand him and know exactly what to do...

Put An End To The Tears, The Confusion, The Heartache!

I call it: "Forever Yours: The Secret Password To His Heart"

Forever Yours is a set of quick and easy tutorial videos that you can watch from the privacy of your own home and in just a few hours you'll understand better than most men understand themselves.

Full Product

You'll be able to open him up, bring out his romantic love, and he'll realize – all on his own – that you're The One for him...

This strange little secret will work for you even if:

By the way, this secret about men is the same secret of feminine allure and magnetism that Cleopatra used to become one of the most radiant and adored women in history

It's the same secret that Angelina Jolie used to capture Brad Pitt's heart forever (Some women might think she's a bitch, but she understood the power of having the password to a man's heart. *Oh, and now Jennifer Aniston does, too. She finally got HER man!)

Here's what this secret is NOT:

- It's not a way to manipulate men

- It's not a way to stir up drama or play evil mind games

- It's not another set of "Rules" for you to follow

Aren't you tired of advice that you just can't do anything with? The advice that is totally unrealistic and clueless about who YOU are as a woman?

You don't need another list of "BE this" and "DON'T be this" tips.

"Be a bitch..."

"Don't be a bitch..."

That kind of confusing and conflicting information probably hasn't helped you so far.

In fact, listening to too much of the "free" advice you come across out there can actually ruin any chances you might have with him.

Instead you just need a simple set "how-to" that shows you exactly how to get him to see you as the woman he truly adores and loves...

So that he wants to dedicate his heart – and his future – to be with you...

Here Is What You'll Discover In "Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart"

Full Product-Titled

And much MUCH more...


Before I share that third and final question with you – the most important question to open his heart, connect with his passion, and get him to realize you're the woman he's dreamed of his whole life...

First – I want to share with you what one woman had to say about this program when we offered it as a private, closed-door seminar here in San Francisco:

"Carlos, I've never been so moved in my life. I can see that you not only understand men and what makes them tick, but you get us women, too. That's so rare to find...!

"At first, I was a bit skeptical of a man teaching women this stuff – until I felt your sincerity about helping men and women understand each other and overcome that 'gender divide.'

"And I also realized you had everything I wanted to know – what a man is thinking! Your insights are spot on, and I'm already having breakthrough after breakthrough with the man in my life.

"I can see why Jen chose you, and you tell her to keep it up – because I know every woman in that seminar would gladly line up for a shot at a quality guy like you. You guys made destiny work for you!"

- Anita Roriskavij – San Mateo CA


Forever Yours - The Secret Password To His Heart is a set of short video tutorials that shows you his secret "love password."

All you have to do is ask a few questions, and watch for the "secret signals" when you're out on a date with him, or ANYTIME you're with him.

It even works the first time you meet a man, so you can save yourself time and heartache right away.

From the signs he gives you, you'll know exactly how to break through his defenses, reach his heart on a deep level, and bring out his inner romantic...

Most women lose a man's interest simply because they don't know the password to his heart.

When you have this plan working for you, you will NEVER have a problem finding, getting, or keeping almost ANY man attracted and totally addicted to you.

Making A Powerful, Lasting Connection With Him That Awakens His Romantic Desire For You,

Plus, the Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart program explains exactly how to know within seconds if a guy is right or wrong for you, so you don't have to waste any more time wondering "Where is this going?" or "What is he thinking?"

Here's what you'll get:Full Product-Titled

A set of fast and easy tutorial videos that walks you through every vital point in the program – from what men want, to what he needs to hear from you to open up his hearts, make him realize that you're his "dream girl" – that he's meant to be with you forever

- A set of ebooks that you can read anywhere/anytime (you can even keep it on your smart phone so that you can sneak a peek at it during a date if you need to.

- I'll even include the audiobook version so you can listen to it while you're driving – or just about anywhere...

- And I'm going to give you a complete set of "Man Mind-Maps" that outline every tip and point of the program in a splendid visual format that you can also use as reference

All of this is available to you in a simple, private membership page.If you can log in to Facebook... you can use this.

And you'll be able to log in to your man's heart.The "Forever Yours" program was originally a full weekend event, costing well over $1200 to attend...

Now, even though women were coming away from this life-transforming event with rave reviews, I realized that this wasn't the best way to accomplish our goal.

Sure, we were making some money putting on the events, but they were logistically complicated, time consuming, and very draining for us. Plus, they require you to travel to the San Francisco area. That meant that we couldn't reach as many women, and make the kind of difference we wanted.

So we created this home study program that anyone could sign up for and watch in the privacy of their own home. Or even access on your smart phone or tablet..

As part of the early release promotion of the "Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart" program, I wanted to give you a very SPECIAL bonus just for trying out the program:


BONUS: Forever Faithful - The secret truth to create the risk-free relationship. Erase his ability to cheat – Forever In this part of the program, I'll show you how to tap into his secret thoughts about your relationship – and even other women – and practically guarantee he never strays.

You'll finally have the constant trust and peace of mind that comes from knowing that he's not only faithful to you, but to your relationship and your future together.Forever Faithful will give you the second chance you want to get the relationship you've always desired Including four magic words that have the power to win almost any man

RomanceRestart(Beware! These words are incredibly powerful and have the power to lure men's attention away from almost anything – including other women)

BONUS: Romance Re-Start - Reignite your relationship.The guide to getting him to come back when he withdraws, pulls away, and even win your ex back! Even if he's already on his way out – or even in the arms of another woman.In this special bonus section, I'll explain how to restart your romance if he's unplugged or disconnected from your relationship, and turn back the clock to the time when he adored you like a goddess...


BONUS: Inside A Man's Mind - "The Man Map ‐ "Finally know exactly what he's thinking – Read him like a book – The complete guide to his mind and feelings.These bonus programs are being offered only for the launch of the "Forever Yours" program – and I plan to remove one or more of them after the initial launch.As I told you, the original seminar was $1200 to attend, and packing the house each time we held the event.

We were going to package the home study course as DVDs - And the DVD set would have been well over $297 to create, publish, and distribute.

But this meant having to pass on a large portion of the costs to you – and that's something we just weren't willing to do. Even though it actually would have been a steal at that price.

So you're not going to pay anywhere near that...

The truth is, I wanted this to be a complete no-brainer.

Even though I believe we live in a time of great abundance, I recognize a lot of women want to make the right choice and invest in themselves, but often can't.

And you can't really have the relationship you want to experience until you get rid of the pressure or fears holding you back.

So I'm Going To DRASTICALLY Reduce The Cost Of The Program For This Special Launch Offer

I'm doing this because I feel responsible for all the years I couldn't explain this stuff to the woman in my life and we lost something special that could have been...

I'm so passionate about sharing this knowledge that I'm offering access for a nominal fee.

RIght now, the "Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart" program is only $39.95

That's it...

That's probably way less than the cost of the next dress or pair of shoes you buy – that you HOPE might impress him?What you will find inside Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart will ASTONISH and mesmerize him...

Full Product-Titled

You'll get instant access to the articles, the audio book version, as well as the easy-to-read e-book versions of the program. However you want it, you can have it.

Oh, and I'm even going to throw in a copy of my "mind maps" for you to see every tip laid out visually as well.

I'm also going to throw in a free trial membership to my Perfect Passion Insiders Club

You'll be able to get monthly updates from me with new answers to your questions, and new secret tips that you can use to make your relationship Perfect, Passionate, and FOREVER.

And of course, you really can't put a price on the heartache and pain you'll avoid by having the secret of the password to his heart.

Oh, before I go, I want to reveal that third question you need to know to unlock his heart – to let you in fully and completely – so that he's forever yours...

SECRET QUESTION #3: How Do You Get Him UN-Stuck?

After you know where he is and why he's stuck, you need to know how to get him to open up to you again to move forward and commit to you.

At some point I'm sure you've felt a man pulling away from you, and it can be terrifying and painful, it might even be happening to you right now

You ask yourself why it's happening to you...

"Was it something I did or said to upset him?"

"Why hasn't he called me in days?" (Or weeks, or more...)

"Is it my body and appearance? Is there something he just doesn't like about me anymore?"

And sometimes he just completely DISAPPEARS – which is even more frustrating.

You want to scream: "WHAT HAPPENED!?!"

If you only knew why he went cold and pulled away from you

Well, the answer is simple, and it's the one that most every woman misses...

The reason he became distant or went cold on you was this:

You're not tuned into his favorite radio station: WIIFM (Wiffum.)

You see – men crave connection with women on a "secret" frequency

Most women don't know this, and sadly are never able to connect with him because they completely miss this because they're too busy listening to THEIR station instead of HIS station: WIIFM

What's that mean?

WIIFM stands for: "What's In It For Me?"

FACT: The one thing most precious to a man is his freedom.

Most men (mistakenly) see a committed relationship as the end of his freedom.

BUT he will GLADLY give up some of that freedom and commit to you if he feels he's getting something valuable in exchange.

At first that might sound selfish to you, but think about THIS:

I'll bet there was a time you found a dress that fit you just right, and looked incredible when you tried it on.

Even if it was too expensive, and you had to walk away from it a few times, I'll bet that you found a way to GET that dress, didn't you?

Didn't matter if it was "in the budget", or your card was maxed out, or you had to work a few hours of overtime to afford it

You did whatever it took to get that dress. We ALL do whatever it takes to get what we really want.

Men work the same way!

You have to show him all the signs that you've got what he's looking for.

(Not what YOU are looking for!)?He's looking for the WIIFM

The WIIFM that HE wants...

The WIIFM that is keeping him STUCK right now – and possibly even pushing you away...

The WIIFM that he'll cross heaven and earth to have...

Because he isn't getting the signals he needs right now!

He craves that connection with you on his "secret" frequency and if you're not tuned into him, you could be missing some of the critical signals he's sending you right now!

And if he doesn't feel that you're getting his signal – he'll assume you're NOT the right woman for him.

Even if YOU know in your heart you're perfect together...

He's not moving forward because he's waiting for one of these secret signals from you. He's not confused, he's just STUCK.

And if you don't know what he's looking for, it's unlikely that you will be able to get him UN-stuck.

Your relationship won't budge – and his heart will remain frozen and impenetrable.

But if you DO know what he's looking for , you'll set him free from his paralysis and you'll finally be able to feel safe and secure in his arms...

Because knowing what signals he's looking for tells you EXACTLY what un-sticks him and gets him moving forward WITH you again.

So that he opens up and shows you his true feelings, and stops running away from you.

So that he stops resisting and lets you into his heart and never wants to let you go!

You can have him eating out of the palm of your hand, and bending over backwards to make you happy...

The secret is that when you know what stage your man is in, you'll know why he's stuck and won't budge and you'll also know EXACTLY what to say to get him UN-stuck!

But if you're not tuned into his "WIIFM" – you'll miss the messages and signals he's sending you right now
If you do know the secret signals – that password to unlock his heart – YOU are in control.

You'll know he won't pull the rug out from under you...

You'll know that he sees you as the only woman he ever wants to be with and will do ANYTHING to have.

And this makes him magically drop his resistance, unlock his passionate love and devotion for you, so that he realizes his future is with you – and ONLY you...

You'll discover all of his secret signals and how to read him like a book in the Forever Yours program...

Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart – is waiting for you to access right now.

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button you see below:

Full Product-Titled

You'll fill out a short secure order form and you'll be sent right over to your private membership page where you can start reading the articles right now.

If you don't know what questions to ask to find the password to his heart once and for all, you risk wasting years and years trying to turn around a relationship that could end suddenly.

Or worse – very VERY slowly...

If you can't break through his commitment shield to really connect with him and make him realize you're the woman he needs, the woman he adores and can't live without...

You could wind up losing him for good.

And there's a good chance you could go into a new relationship and repeat this pattern again and again. Each day that passes is another day you could be waiting in limbo – uncertain and anxious that he's not committed to you – or the relationship.

Each day could be another day where you feel the security and stability you need slipping away. Time will keep moving forward relentlessly. You can't stop that.

But what you can change is the destiny you're moving toward.

Look, I'm going to tell you an ugly truth that men know, and women know even better:

Time Is Not On Your Side

Men don't have to worry about time the way a woman does. He can continue to date and procreate until the latest years of his life. Into his 60s, 70s, and beyond.

But women have a fixed biological clock. Every day you get closer to 40 means a slightly lower chance of having children. Of creating the family you've always dreamed of.

Think of how long it takes just to start and foster a relationship.

If you were to lose him right now it would probably take you several months to get over him and then several more months to find a guy worth your time and effort to try again with.

Sometimes the process can take years...

And with no guarantees that you won't run into the same pattern all over again. Of finding a good man, falling in love, and having him become more and more cold and distant only to have him slip through your fingers

And possibly into another woman's arms.

Look – I'm on a mission to help connect as many men & women as I can while I'm here. I really feel it's my destiny to help women understand men from a man's point of view.

I'll show you what Jen taught me – and all the tips and secrets from years of research AND I'll give you insider information on what men are thinking and what men want.

As you know, it's rare to find a guy that's capable of explaining his real thoughts and feelings, about what he wants in a woman, and what makes him run away. I know that I have to use this gift to show women the secrets of how to really connect with a man.

How to get past his defenses and blockades to your love. How to finally make him forever yours.

And I just can't reach enough women in our seminars to do it – so I'm making this a fast and easy home study course for less than it would cost you for Starbucks for a few weeks - And WAY less than the cost of another failed romance.

Chances are, you've tried the advice from the magazines... From your mom... From your well-meaning but just-as-confused girlfriends.

You don't need to "be patient" or wait any longer to break through and get your man to realize you're the woman he was meant to be with – forever.

You Simply MUST Know His Password And USE It To Wake Him Up And Reach Him On A New Level

The current price of just $39.95 is a marketing test, and we're likely going to raise the price – as well as remove some of the bonuses we're giving for free like:

- Romance Restart

- Forever Faithful

- The Man Map

One – or maybe all of these – could be dropped from the program at any time, once we're done with our testing.

I want you to get all these valuable bonuses, as well as the complete program with this offer today.

Also, we're looking to collect more testimonials from women like you who go through the program and get their man practically addicted to them

Stop wasting your time with shallow, unavailable, or controlling men.

You'll finally be able to avoid the guys that are getting between you and The One

You'll be able to magically break through his resistance, unlock his passionate love and devotion for you, so that he realizes his future is with you – and ONLY you...

Of course, this program comes with my zero-risk 60 day guarantee, if for any reason you don't find "Forever Yours" everything I've promised,

Just send me a quick email with 60 days and I'll refund you every penny. If you don't find that "Forever Yours" delivers everything you need to uncover your man's password.Full Product-Titled

THE Secret Password that will break through his defenses, unlock his heart, so that he realizes you're The One, and he's found his home in your arms forever.

Even if you don't like my shirt, or my hairstyle. Just let me know, and we'll give you a complete, hassle-free refund.

I'll simply turn off your access and transfer your membership to another woman on the waiting list.

You've probably already weighed a ton of other options out there, and you just need a safe and proven method to finally get him to recognize you as the love of his life.

Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart – is waiting for you to access right now.

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button you see below:

You'll fill out a short secure order form and you'll be sent right over to your private membership page where you can start reading the articles right now

Part of you already knows the Forever Yours program is the one that could make THE difference for you

Between FINALLY understanding what he's thinking – unlocking his heart so that he lets you in and the possibility – if you don't find a solution – that he might never really connect to you

That you might one day hear those dreaded words: "I think we should spend some time apart..."

Or worse: "Maybe we should see other people..."

Open his heart!

Don't Let Him Drift Away - Or Let Some Other Woman Replace You In His Life

And he's Forever Yours...

Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart – is waiting for you to discover right now.

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button you see below:

You'll fill out a short secure order form and you'll be sent right over to your private membership page where you can start reading the articles right now.

You might have a few questions...

Let me see if I can answer them from questions women have asked me about the program:

QUESTION: "Carlos, What Makes The "Forever Yours" Program Different From Any Of The Others I've Seen?"

What makes the "Forever Yours" program so completely unique is that it is the first of its kind to reveal the REAL reasons men close their heart to you and refuse to let you in – from both a woman AND a MAN who have gone through it all.

It's a fast and nearly effortless method of understanding what men are really thinking – from a man's perspective.

There's no ulterior motive here other than to help you get past this senseless obstacle that men put in your way.

QUESTION: "Carlos, The Man I Want Feels Like He's Emotionally Unavailable. Like He Might Already Be Out The Door.

Will 'Forever Yours' Really Be Able To Get Me Into His Heart, And Connect With Him Even If He Might Be 'Shut Down' And Disconnected From Me Already?"

Hey, it may take a bit more energy up front, but the good news is: No relationship is beyond hope.

I won't stoop to hype or empty promises. But I will tell you that if it CAN be done, Forever Yours will show you the password to his heart,

So that you can reconnect with his love and open up his feelings for you, so that he stops running away and pulls you close to him and he adores you and bends over backwards to make you happy.

QUESTION: "What If I Can't Make This Work For Me? I Don't Want To Miss This Opportunity, But I'm Not 100% Convinced."

I completely understand. I never like the thought of taking a risk on a purchase, and I would never ask you to.

That's why I've removed ALL the risk for you.

Forever Yours is 100% Double Satisfaction guaranteed.

I'm so convinced of the value of what Forever Yours has to show you, and how simple it is to use, this program comes with my zero-risk 60 day guarantee.

If for any reason you don't find "Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart" everything I've promised, just send me a quick email within 60 days and I'll refund you every last penny.Full Product-Titled

And I'll even insist that you KEEP the 3 special bonus programs as my gift for trying "Forever Yours" out.
You'll actually come out ahead by trying the program, no matter what.

But only if you take advantage of this special sale price today.

This is a limited time offer, and the price may go up, or many of the bonuses could go away – or both.

Depending on how long it takes for me to collect the testimonials I need to start extensive promotion of the program.

Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart – is waiting for you to access right now.

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button you see below:

You'll fill out a short secure order form and you'll be sent right over to your private membership page where you can start reading the articles right now.

My name is Carlos Cavallo, and from Jen and myself...

I look forward to sharing Forever Yours with you!

THE Secret Password that will break through his defenses, unlock his heart, so that he realizes you're The One, And he's yours forever.

I'll see you on the inside...

Full Product-Titled


Total Value: $458.00

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