"How To Magnetically GRAB Almost Any Man’s Attention To You, And Get Him To Irresistibly Desire You..."

WITHOUT Bringing Out His Commitment Phobia, WITHOUT Him EVER Looking At Another Woman, EVEN IF You've Got A Few Extra Pounds, And You're Afraid You Might NEVER Meet The Man Of Your Dreams


happy coupleWhat if there was a secret method to magnetically pull men’s attention to you, and even compel him to irresistibly desire you...?

What if there is some method to get almost any man to notice you, to see you, to really want and desire you the way you deserve...?

What if there was a secret system to attract and captivate men like a spell cast on them that they simply cannot resist - that creates uncontrollable passion and desire for the woman who knows the hidden truth...?

Would you want to have it and use it for yourself?

Having This Secret "Trick" Would Be Like Having A Wand That You Could Wave At ANY Man You Desired

...making him notice you and lose all his restraint and control around you, and never having to deal with relationship stress and nagging fears about how he really feels about you ever again.

Using this secret knowledge would be just like knowing that special spot on a puppy’s tummy that you can tickle to get his leg going. It’s automatic, and he wouldn’t fight it even if he wanted to.

In fact, if you understand the secret method to open a man’s hidden reservoir of passion, you’ll have him trained to be the perfect boyfriend.

Have you ever wondered if this sort of secret method might actually be real?

Well, I’m here to reveal to you that you’re absolutely right - It IS real.

There is a time-honored yet hidden method for releasing unconditional desire from just about any man, and it’s a simple secret recipe that any woman can use.

Before We Go Any Further, I Have A Very Important Question To Ask You...

Do you believe that guys only want young, hot women?

Come on, we know that you need to look good, but this gets taken way too far. And blaming genetics for not getting the man you want is an easy excuse.

You know that if he could see you - really see you - you could hook him. You know it!

What you really need to understand is what men really want.

Look, I’ll be lying to you if I told you that looks weren’t important, but the truth most women don’t know is this: beauty might get his attention, but...

Men Do Not Fall In Love With Beauty...!

It's true. And what's even more shocking is this:

happy couple 5Be honest, what you were saying was, “He’s kinda unattractive, but he makes me feel great. Don’t judge me!”

Well, guess what? Men have the same switch!

Men don't need you to be a stick-bug supermodel or beauty queen...

And in the next few minutes of this short report, I’m going to reveal how this "switch" in men works - and how you can use it to get almost any guy you want falling on his knees and begging to be with you.

Addicted to being near you...

Hungry to see you - and driven to satisfy your every desire...

Close Your Facebook, Mute Your Cellphone - Focus ONLY On This Page And I Will Reveal The Secret To Living The Romantic Life You Desire...

And I’ll show you:

The secret for unleashing a man’s hidden reservoir of passion and desire...

It’s so powerful that when you do unleash his hidden emotional reserves, it makes him want to sacrifice almost anything to have you -

Cross any ocean, brave any peril, so that he can wrap you in the warmth of his embrace and whisper the words you long to hear as he brings his lips to your ear and says:

“I can’t explain it, but I’ve never felt this way about a woman before. Every moment with you is magical, and I’m so glad that destiny brought us together. I think I’m falling for you.”

Please pay attention to this report. I’m planning to remove this page shortly, and I don’t know how much longer it will be online.

What you're going to discover here is going to reveal one of the shocking secrets about a man’s secret emotional sanctuary that few women ever discover on their own.

This Is The Desire That Men Hold Back From Most Women...

I’m also going to reveal the secret signal that opens his pent-up flood of desire and longing for you. I’m going to reveal the secret signal that removes his reluctance, resistance and doubts.

This secret signal that turns a man from being not really interested in your or maybe distant and aloof to where nothing matters but being with you, irresistibly desiring you, where he will do anything to win you over.

This Ability Makes Even A Plain Girl Beautiful To Almost Any Man...

Look, I have to tell you an embarrassing little story. I’m going to reveal some very private things that I haven’t told anyone about, about how a woman that would not have normally turn my head got me totally addicted to her.

You would have hated me a few years ago.

I used to judge women by their looks and their appearance. I was a bit of a player. And of course, nothing ever lasted.

And just like you suspect, in every confirmed bachelor like me out there, I wanted something more.

Then I met Kate. She and I met at a friend’s party in San Francisco.

Here’s my first embarrassing admission: I was already there with my girlfriend, Sandy.

Sandy was the kind of girl you’d think all guys would go nuts for. Sandy was thin, blonde, with a lot of, well ... cleavage.

But after just a few dates, I knew...

I Wasn’t In Love With Her And Making A Long-Term Commitment To Her Was Out Of The Question...

Kate and I bumped into each other in the kitchen of this party when pouring some drinks, and from the second I started talking to her, I found myself entranced. I knew other people were even seeing how I was moonstruck by this redhead, Kate, and that it was kind of awkward for Sandy, but I couldn’t help myself.

It was like Kate had this magical influence over me - and all I wanted to do was just be near her. I had that squishy excitement in my stomach, like I was a teenager all over again - falling for her.

I even remember thinking to myself, “Kate really isn’t even my type, but she makes me feel completely different than anyone I’ve met in a long time.”

Even from my girlfriend, Sandy, sorry to say.

Now, Kate was cute, but she wasn’t a model by any stretch, and she was a little on the plump side. But I didn’t care.

It Was A Bit Of A Scandal - But Within A Week, Kate And I Were Dating

Yet it was soon apparent that while Kate was enjoying being with me, she was also very picky. She was also dating a couple of other guys.

happy couple 1She told me she was planning to get married, but she wasn’t sure if I was the one for her, and this made me want her even more. I was obsessed with winning her over. I would plan elaborate dates, spend the long afternoons just hanging out and talking with her, cuddling.

I once even wrote a song for her on my classical guitar.

I was so smitten with her that I found myself doing all kinds of crazy romantic gestures. Anything that I thought would bring us closer together...

Eventually, Kate Said She Thought We Should Take Some "Time Apart..."

But instead of being heartbroken, I was even more convinced she was the woman for me.

I had this idea to create a "movie moment" to win her over. I had a group of friends help me out by standing out on the street in front of her house.

We Held Up Cardboard Letters That Spelled, “Marry Me, Kate!”

I wish I could say that she said YES - but what happened after that is something I'll tell you about in a minute.

I would have given anything to have Kate, to win her over. Later on, I also discovered that I wasn’t the only guy who had proposed to her.

Well, in the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal Kate’s secret to you.

A secret signal that turns a man from not really interested or maybe distant and aloof to where nothing matters but being close to you, irresistibly desiring you, where he will do anything to win over your heart.


I'm Going To Reveal The Secret Signal That Removes His Reluctance, Resistance And Doubts, And Opens His Floodgate Of Love, Passion, And Desire...

...for the woman who knows how to show him The Secret Signal.

By the end of this report, you’ll know what that Secret Signal is, and the secret to unleashing almost any man’s hidden reservoir of passion, desire and adoration for you.

What you’re about to discover here will completely change your dating life and fill your heart and your life with passionate, crazy love:

You can get the love you deserve without having to dumb yourself down, pretend you’re someone you’re not or play games of any kind.

And the best part is that...

This Method Is
Completely Undetectable
To Him..

He won’t ever notice what’s happening to him because it works below his level of awareness. It’s kind of like how he manages to completely miss it when you change your hairstyle or look.

However, this secret is real, and it works because it uses scientific principles that haven’t even been uncovered until just recently, and it’s based on a timeless secret that very few women have ever seen or know about. I discovered this recipe for uncontrollable passion almost by luck.

Think about this: Why are men so committed and devoted to their sports teams?

From time to time, his team gets beaten on the field or on the court and most of the time, his team probably never wins any championship games, but he still stands by them no matter what.

He forgives them when they screw up.

In fact, if they lose, it’s one of the few times you’ll ever see him cry.

They get his complete attention every season. Sometimes it’s almost obsessive.

He's Loyal And Faithful To His Team To The Very End...

Instead of saying “they won,” he will say “we won” like he’s actually a part of the team.

And if it’s not his sports team, it’s his hobby or some other passion in his life that he gives his all to.

Sometimes he puts everything aside for his job, even if his work pushes you out of his life...

You find yourself getting pissed at his “work-a-holism.” He's married to his job more than he is to you.

You never feel like you have his full attention. There’s always something else you have to fight with to get him to notice you.

He gets so excited, pumped up and electrified for that other stuff - so you know he’s got that passionate emotion inside him, right?

Don't You Wish He Would Give YOU The Focus And Attention That He Gives His Job, Sports, Or Hobbies?

What if you could divert a little bit - or a whole lot - of that excitement and affection over to you?

What if you could tap into that unconditional commitment and devotion he feels and channel that into love for you?

That may sound a little “out there,” but it is possible...

And I’m going to show you how to do it, and you’ll do it without even looking like you tried because you didn’t have to.

Once his heart opens up to you, everything just falls naturally into place, desiring you, adoring you, and loving you like you deserve.


My name is Carlos Cavallo, and I wasn’t always a worldwide "dating expert" guru, and I certainly wasn’t always a guy you’d see on the cover of a magazine or on television. Well, I’ve been showing men and women how to have heartfelt passionate relationships for over 11 years now.

For most of the first few years, I worked very closely with men, helping them understanding what women want in a relationship, and I spent those thousands and thousands of hours digging into men’s intimate feelings and secrets about what they want in a woman.

What Makes Men Desire Women Like You? And What Makes Them Fall Into Irresistible And Passionate Love With You?

Men keep these emotional thoughts and secret infatuation triggers completely hidden away from women. We never reveal them to anyone except very trusted friends.

It’s understood that these thoughts are forbidden from disclosing to just any woman...

What makes it harder for you to find this secret out is that everyone around you is lying to you about what it takes to get a man - and how to make him desire you with an ache that consumes his every waking moment.


You’ve probably heard your friends or family or even the magazines and books tell you,

“You’re Too Picky!"

Or maybe you've heard them say something like:

It’s not your fault that you’re confused by all this bad advice out there.

But if you don’t discover the real truth, you might stay confused forever and completely miss out on the man who is on a desperate quest to find you this very minute.

Before I tell you that Secret Signal and how you can tap into this hidden feelings of excited passionate desire, I need to ask a question of you right now that might be a little personal, but please answer it honestly...

I Want You To Imagine
The Man Of Your Dreams...

Picture him in your mind right now...

He’s your dream man, the kind of man you can see yourself with for the rest of your life.

Now, imagine his eyes, the feel of his warm, safe arms wrapped around you, the smell of the skin next to you.

Got that sensation?

Okay, now, here’s the question:

Do you know what he needs to see that would unlock his addictive desire for you? (and not just “ask you for your phone number” desire or “ask you out on a date” desire...)

But to really desire you like a man hopelessly addicted to a drug, ready to sell his possessions just for another precious few moments of bliss with you?

I'm Talking "Fall To His Knees And Practically Worship You" DESIRE

...and not just desire you...

But to emotionally release himself to you, completely and wholeheartedly, like he does for his favorite team or some video game he gets into.

Where this guy who was once flat, unemotional and unaffectionate turns into a starry-eyed romantic who only wants to spend time around you.

You might think that kind of power over men is unrealistic, especially in today’s day and age, but it’s not.

In fact...

I've Got A Weird Story That Will Turn You Into A TRUE Believer...

After I tell you this strange story, I will also reveal to you The Secret Signal that releases a man’s bottled up feelings of love and romantic passion and show you how it works to create uncontrollable passion and overwhelming craving in his mind for you, the same way it does for his favorite team or hobby.

Now, as you might have guessed by now, I didn’t win Kate's hand in marriage - that redheaded girl that had me obsessed with her...

But it did push me into learning about dating and relationships, and the work I do for women now.

To this day I still look back and ache a little for Kate and what we had.

Even though I found another incredible woman who became my wife - and also managed to capture my heart like Kate did... But that’s another story.

Looking back, I’ve realized that Kate was an incredibly cool girl, and we would have had a fantastic relationship.

However, she had the confidence and the CHOICE to leave me behind for someone that was a better fit.


Things Came Full Circle When I Made An Earth-Shattering Discovery About My Irresistible Desire For Her...

Everything finally came together when I realized why I felt so out-of-control in love with Kate -

And how it made another woman’s romantic dream of passionate desire come true, and how it will make your dreams come true, too:



I discovered this Secret Signal when I was coaching men on their most obsessive situations with women. These were guys that were hopelessly addicted to the woman in their life.

These guys felt out of control and reckless, often chasing her, buying her gifts, showering her with attention to extremes.

This was scary to many of these guys.

They felt way out of control around these women. They’d never felt this way about a woman before.

They had always been the ones that kept their emotions hidden away and just out of reach.

After a few conversations, I began to suspect

I Had Stumbled Upon Something That Would Change Women's Lives...

On one of my coaching calls, a man revealed something so bizarre and yet so brave. His name was Justin H. He was having obsessive thoughts about Michelle, a girl he had just started seeing a few days before.

“I can’t get her out of my head,” Justin told me.

“I had a dream about her every night since we met. She’s not even really my type. She’s not a blond. She’s got a few extra pounds, but I can’t stop thinking about her. I was even supposed to go to this party to watch football with some friends last weekend, but I flaked on them so I could be with her.”

Justin sighed. He paused for a second and then said, “Carlos, I think Michelle is the girl I’m going to marry.”

I smiled and shook my head - not because I didn’t believe him, but because I’ve been hearing this exact story quite a bit lately. And I remembered how Kate had done the same thing to me.

Justin even sent me a picture of Michelle, the girl he was obsessed with, swearing that she was so beautiful that it was driving him insane. The crazy thing was, Michelle was just average. Cute, to be fair, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Michelle Was In Her Mid-40s And She Had A Few Extra Pounds...

It was then I realized that when Justin or any man acts and talks all “ga ga” about a woman’s beauty, he imagines it to be physical beauty even when it’s only his love talking.

Which is why you’ve probably seen some guys with women that made you go, “Huh? No way!”

Since then, I knew that this love blindness was absolutely true, not just of Justin, but of every man I had ever worked with, even myself.

Men create a woman’s beauty in his mind that is ten times more than her appearance when she uses the secret signal I’m going to show you.

So I had Justin basically give me a complete step by step blueprint of everything he did with Michelle over that previous week.

I had to know what it was that these women were doing that was turning these reluctant, aloof guys into big teddy bears for their women.

After about two more weeks of calls with Justin, he had given me the secret signal that had pushed him into irresistible, compulsive passion for Michelle, and then I told the guys on my other calls what Justin had shared with me, and every one of them, without hesitation, said:

“Yes, that’s it!
"That’s EXACTLY how my girl got me totally infatuated with her...!”

One guy even broke down and started crying on the phone with me because it had struck at the heart of the block he’d had with his own relationships for so long, the roadblock that was keeping him from releasing his passion and his love.

What happened with Justin, the guy I coached over his obsessive love for Michelle?

Well, he emailed me a couple of months later telling me that Michelle really was the one, and he got down on one knee and proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Her eyes had filled and overflowed with tears when she told him yes, then he slipped the ring on her finger.

They got married last year in Hawaii.

She really did turn out to be his soul-mate!

Now, along the way, as I had coached and helped guys like Justin... what I discovered was something incredible and a bit startling:

I'd Found A Hidden Method To Tap Into A Man's Secret Emotional Vulnerabilities...

A Way To Gain Access To All Of His Passion And Feelings Of Unconditional Love That He Holds Back And Suppresses...

All the stuff that he basically hides from you.

This method of opening a man’s uncontrollable and complete love and desire is also based on a timeless secret used for over 2,000 years and passed down to just a few women who understood this secret.

It’s been used on me and tested by thousands of other women with consistent results, and I have to warn you that these secrets are extremely powerful and are also highly controversial.

So if you plan to abuse this loophole in the male psychology, let me tell you from direct personal experience that men can become not only completely obsessed with you -

You Might Even Find Yourself With Several Men Fighting Over You And Begging You To Marry Them...

If you can’t handle this kind of connection to men responsibly, or you think you might use it harmfully, I will personally ban you from the site and the secrets contained within.

I’m only sharing this information with women who are responsible and understand what they could do to a man’s heart if this was abused, not to turn them into an obsessed stalker. Even though you can, you just shouldn’t.

Hey, I’m also here to protect the men out there.

So are you ready?

Let’s go...

Before I reveal the secret signal, I need to explain the secret about men that only one woman in a thousand will ever discover, and...

"When You Understand This Invisible Switch In A Man's Mind, You Can Make Him Almost Insane With Desire..."

You have to understand that every man is actually one big, pent-up reservoir of emotional energy.

Guys have just as many emotions as women do, but fewer channels to express it. We’re conditioned to be independent, distant and reserved. We’re trained by society to NOT express our emotions.

Usually that male passionate energy simply hides itself away and women completely miss what is really happening.

You may have suspected this intense emotional energy was there all along, like when he’s into a sports or his video games or geeky hobbies.

But if you know how to unleash and channel this intense emotional tidal wave, you can have any man you desire on his knees, begging you to let him into your heart.

However, something most women don’t know is this:

"The reason men get so into their sports is simply because it’s safe for us to do it..."

It’s a socially acceptable place for men to experience and express all their emotions.

That leads to the secret I’m about to reveal, The Secret Signal a man needs to see to open that same emotional floodgate for you.

First, let me ask you something:

Do You Put A Lot Of Effort Into Attracting And Pleasing Men?

Working hours and hours to look good. You try to pick the right clothes, the right makeup, the right haircut and color.

What if I told you that all of these methods of attracting men are often completely ineffective at getting him to feel that deep-in-his-bones ache to possess you?

In fact, focusing on these things could actually be, unknowingly, scaring many men away.

You ever wonder why he disappeared after that first date?

It wasn’t because he wasn’t into you.

It was because in your hurry to please his eyes, you missed showing him this Secret Signal he needs to see to unleash his deep ocean of emotion.

So he can fall completely head over heels in love with you, so that he tells you over and over how he feels hopelessly lost without you and want you by his side all the time.

If you don’t show him this Secret Signal, it usually turns him into just a friend, the friend you always hope could be much, much more.

Men are often very focused on appearance as you’re probably aware.

Even though being pretty is good, and looking stylish and sexy is also a plus - they make no difference at all to him if you don’t have this critical part of the recipe!

Other schemes for attraction focus a lot of attention on simply looking the part - or being the best in bed.

Here's Why Those Other Methods Don't Work...

It’s because all those methods have a major flaw: They focus on beauty and sex instead of signaling the primal part of his brain that says you’re The One he can open up to and let inside.

When you can access this part of his mind, you create something called “crazy love.”

You might have heard of this before. The French even have a phrase for this kind of wild, unbridled desire, “amour fou,” uncontrollable or obsessive passion.

It’s the kind of wild emotional desire that makes guys do crazy stuff to prove their love for you like getting tattoos or stand outside your window playing your favorite song.

Now, you might be saying,

"But WAIT! Beauty Attracts Men, Right...?"

You’re right, it does, but not in the way that most women think it does!

You see, the truth that most women suspect or know about but ignore is this:

Beauty captures the eye, but it does not show him the signals that opens his heart.

And if you rely on winning his eye over his heart, you will guarantee that you won’t be able to keep him enchanted and desiring you.

That’s right - men don’t fall in love with beauty!

It’s only temporary lust - and it doesn’t last long, which is why so many men disappear even after you sleep with him. He didn’t see the Secret Signal.

"To Make Him Fall In Love With You - To Want You And Chase You - You Have To Know The Secret Signal He's Looking For..."

Think about all the most beautiful women you know.

Have you noticed how even the most gorgeous women in the world, whether they’re celebrities, models or even attractive girlfriends you know, they have just as many problems and drama with men...?

Sometimes even more than the average women out there, a lot more.

Think about:

What’s simply amazing is that even these stunningly attractive women lost their man to another woman.

If beauty were all you needed, then these women would each have the most incredible romantic love life you could ever imagine, but they don’t.

Let’s face it, beauty is very common. These days you can buy it in bottles and clothes - and even with injections.

However, until you show him the secret signal he needs to see, the one I’m about to explain...

He Might Slip Away From You And NEVER Be Yours

Or WORSE - Never Even Notice You In The First Place!

Most of the women in the world will never discover the secret of uncontrollable passion and irresistible desire that you’re about to.

worried woman looking at a sleeping manThey will keep making the same mistakes and they may miss their chance to find the adoring, loving man they deserve to have.

The best part is that when you know this secret, the code for triggering a man’s crazy, uncontrollable desire, you’ll also safeguard him against any other women that even try to steal him away.

He’ll be filled with an overwhelming compulsion to run to you and take you into his arms again and again...

You'll Have The Edge Over Any Woman And He Will Be Addicted To YOU...

It’s not only the key to making him your passionate and romantic lover, but also ensuring that he never cheats or strays from you emotionally, sexually or otherwise - ever.

Okay, now, I’m going to share with you the Secret Signal that opens a man’s heart and creates feverish and inescapable feelings of desire for you. The secret to the code I’m also going to explain to you right after.

Pay close attention because knowing this signal could be the difference between whether you wind up in his arms, hearing him declare his love for you ever single day desperately and hopelessly in love with you -

Or whether he just turns into another guy who tells you he’ll call you, only to disappear forever.

The Secret Signal is this:

Show him he’s SAFE.

Funny enough, both women and men share this desire. Only, most women have a desire to feel physically protected.

"For Guys, It's Different, And This Is Where Most Women Completely Mess This Up..."

Women don’t think men need to feel safe because we’re the macho, strong, silent types, but we do.

We need to feel emotionally safe around you, which is why we are so emotional about sports. It’s a safe way for a man to feel and express his emotions.

It’s one of the few things in his life that he can get really emotional about and not be afraid of being exposed or humiliated. He won’t be mocked or made fun of for being emotional.

The reality is that all men hide this very secret insecurity about themselves from the outside world, and most women don’t know that this hidden fear is lurking in his head.

And unfortunately, they set off all the landmines that make a man feel incredibly unsafe around her.

She never discovers she’s made this mistake because a man wouldn’t want to expose this vulnerability to her for fear of feeling inadequate or emasculated.

Which means you may never know you’ve made this mistake until it’s way too late, until after he’s pulled away or lost interest.

When a man feels like he’s safe around you, his heart opens up...

You'll Open The Floodgates, Unleashing A Surging Cascade Of Passion And Desire...

It washes away his fear, knocks down the walls of doubt, so that all that’s left are his feelings for you and the crystal clear, absolute certainty that he will do anything to make you his.

His emotional reservoir of love and desire is opened up to the woman who knows how the signal works.

Ultimately, men simply fall head over heels in love with the woman that makes us feel the most safe, accepted, respected, and understood.

And if you show him you really get him, he will get down on his knees and beg you to marry him!

So if you know how to create this safe zone around you both, he will never want to leave, and he will sacrifice anything for you to let him in.

You’ll get access to all the passionate emotions and desires he has inside him.

You’ll get exclusive access to all that focused attention and excitement that he gives to his favorite sport, his hobbies, his work.

He will feel safe enough to show you his secret emotional sanctuary that is overflowing with passionate feelings that he’s dying to unleash.

When You Do This Right, He Will Gladly Hand You The Keys To His Heart

He will literally believe you’re his soul-mate because so few women are ever able to do this for him.

If you’ve ever seen a guy get completely consumed by a woman, almost to the point of becoming a stalker, it’s a 100% certain that she was able to do this for him.

Now, if you don’t show him this safe zone correctly in the way he’s watching for, it won’t work. He won’t feel that permission from his heart that tells him he’s safe with you.

In fact, you’ll probably find that he might even be polite and show interest in you at first...

But then he stops calling or disappears after a date or two, or he grows more distant from you until there’s nothing left to say, which leaves you confused, crushed and heartbroken.

growing more distant

It’s tricky because most women think it’s enough to make herself look appealing by fixing her hair or makeup and clothes, and occasionally stroke his male ego.

The fact is that every single man knows when a woman is trying to appeal to his ego with male flattery -

And This Raises Our Shields Around You...

Some women even try sneaking in the backdoor of a man’s love by thinking that sleeping with him is the way to get to his heart.

Which almost always blows up and backfires because men are hardwired to distrust any woman that gives him sex too easily, and that completely obliterates his feelings of love and trust.

Instead, you have to show him that you not only understand men, but the unique things about him as a man. We men know when a woman gets us and is on our team or when it’s just a scheme to trick us into love.

Now, if you’re thinking that there’s no way you’d ever be able to understand men in their thinking, I’m going to show you how to change that forever.

I'll show you a way you cannot only know what he’s thinking anytime you want, reading his mind, but how you can be right there in his thoughts every waking minute, so you never have to wonder:

“Does he still love me? Are we okay?”

Oh, I’ve got one more secret about men that you absolutely need to know about, and I’ll show you that in a minute, so stay with me. Without this last secret ingredient, nothing else will click between you and him.

Ultimately, all women have this beauty and inner radiance that men fall in love with. You and all the women you know right now.

There’s a man near you. He might be a man you know or maybe a man you’re about meet. He may even be a man you’re seeing right now.

This man already desires you in ways that would make other women envious and green with jealousy.

"You Just Need To Know How To Unlock And Open His Emotional Floodgates!"

So that his passion consumes him and washes him into your safe harbor.

When you show him that you’re the woman he’s most safe with, he’ll give you all his unconditional love and become the perfect man for you.

happy couple 2Other women have discovered this power, and you can finally have it too.

This secret power turns men into hopeless romantic wrecks, desperately and hopelessly ravenous for you with the kind of feverish, burning desire and yearning that will make him go out of his way for even a chance to please you and get you close to him once more.

Now, you can put this Irresistible Desire to work for you to unleash a man’s inner impulsive and uninhibited romantic love for you

So that he loses all composure around you and you’re’ the only woman in his mind all day long.

Before I go any further, I want to reveal to you:

The Secrets Of Addictive, Unconditional Love, And Eternal Devotion"

What I’ve done is taken the Secret Signal and created a complete how-to tutorial for women to create almost instant feelings of desire, love, connection and gratitude from the man she wants.

Here’s a small list of what you’ll discover in the Irresistible Desire tutorials:


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I could spend hours listing all the stuff you’re going to learn in Irresistible Desire, but I think you get the point.

You can see how important, valuable and downright essential this really is for your ability to find the love you deserve, and how -

"It's Absolutely CRITICAL For You To Show Him The Secret Signal To Trigger Irresistible Desire In Him..."

I guarantee you that the secrets I’m going to share about what makes men tick and their secret desires is going to rock your world.

All you need to do is simply plug in this done-for-you system of tutorials and presentations.

I discovered that this signal was the only thing that women were doing to create this kind of irresistible, compulsive, obsessive love for men. I started coaching women on how to use the Secret Signal with men, and I was shocked at the results they got.

What Other Women Are Saying About Irresistible Desire:

“My results are great. He respects the fact that I’m not acting needy. He always calls when he gets home or to his hotel room. He’s avoided being coerced going out partying with the clients once the work is done. He’s a true gentleman.”
Gina - League City, Texas.

“My results are wonderful. My man is crazy for me.”
Mel - Phoenix, Arizona.

“I had no idea men would fall in love so quickly and easily until I used the “code.” I’m astonished at how much I was missing all those years.”
Nevi, Cardiff, Wales.

"It works, it works, it works!!! Plus, the information comes from a man who knows how men think, communicate and feel... Great insight about relating to men in general, it's practical, it's not full of jargon and padding, it's a great price and it works!"
Jayne C. - Australia

"My results are: I have re-connected with a man I have known for many years and been attracted to. I am using the principles with him and having a much easier time... You cover the key issues very thoroughly and it is easy to relate to and understand errors I have made in the past in my thinking and actions. It is a miracle to be able to understand the differences between men and women..."
Sharon N. - Riverside, CA

"My results are AWESOME!!! I just started but I already feel this shift and I just want to say YOU'RE AWESOME! Seriously, this is such a great program and I feel totally grateful, I'm going to recommend your program to all my girlfriends... I have been actually searching for Cleopatra's secrets... this is FANTASTIC!!!
Dina R. - Lark City, KS

Click the big yellow “Add To Cart” button and you’ll be taken to the secure page where you can complete your order and gain instant access to “Irresistible Desire – The Secrets of Addictive Unconditional Love And Complete Devotion

Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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You may even wonder, “Carlos, why is it I’ve never heard of this ‘code,’ the Secret Signal that unlocks a man’s heart and passionate, unconditional love?”

You see the terrible truth is:

Many Therapists Already Know About This Psychological "Trick" From Their Patients, But They Can't Tell You About It...!

They’re bound by the therapist-patient privilege, which ensures your confidentiality when you work with them.

But since I was only coaching Justin H, that guy that proposed to his girl in Paris - and the other guys I discovered this from in a non-professional session, I can tell you specifics about this psychological loophole that therapists and professionals can’t reveal to you!

Of course, I will not disclose identities, but I will give you the specifics so you can get the same results with just about any man.

Irresistible Desire Will Turn Him Into The Romeo Who Would Rather Die For You Than Be Without You...

As a woman, you want to know that the two of you are close. He makes time together with you a priority. He shows you his commitment to you - that he’s not going anywhere, either physically or emotionally.

That sense of security with your man doesn’t just come from expressing your emotions, but from knowing his feelings.

What it’s worth to you:

Stop being the helpless victim of these mental and emotional intruders that steal away your happiness!

No more of those unwanted concerns invading your mind about old problems with guys that have never really been resolved or healed...


Think Of What It Costs You Right Now...

A woman spends a TON of money to try and be the kind of woman she thinks men look at and desire.

I recently discovered that:

It all adds up to thousands of dollars the average woman spends on her appearance.

You pay for the best to look your best all the time for yourself and for the man you want to attract, and it’s something you have to spend over and over again just to stay current and fashionable.

Imagine if you could cut straight to the goal and get what you wanted for just a fraction of the cost...

What If You Could Find And Capture The Heart Of The Man You Want In Just Weeks Or Months Instead Of Years?

OR possibly never find him at all if you keep making the same mistakes again and again!

happy couple 3In the past, I’ve held coaching calls for over $250 per hour to coach and mentor women just like you to give them these exclusive secrets to triggering a man’s intense romantic obsession and how to get past the obstacles they have with their me.

So I priced this program at $247...

But then I had a flash of realization that for me to really meet my vision for helping as many women as possible understand how men think, even better than men know themselves, for me to really complete that mission, I’d have to make this program much more accessible.

So I decided to lower the price of the program down to just $97

But you won’t even have to pay that.

While I’m in the launch phase of this new program, and I’m trying to collect as many stories and testimonials from successful women

I Want To Make You A Very Special Offer...

If you’ll just promise me that you’ll send me an email with your story of triumph, if you’ll share the details when you’re deeply and passionately adored by the man of your dreams, even if only anonymously...

I’ll lower the price to just a low, one-time investment of $37.97.

That’s it, but it’s only for a limited time.

I’m also going to include not only the video coaching tutorials, but I’ll also add in the e-book version of the program as well as the audio book version that you can listen to on your phone, your tablet, computer or portable music player, so you can learn anywhere you go. That’s worth an additional $97 free.


Click the big yellow “Add To Cart” button and you’ll be taken to the secure page where you can complete your order and gain instant access to “Irresistible Desire – The Secrets of Addictive Unconditional Love And Complete Devotion

Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within sixty days for a full refund.

Sounds good?

Wait, there's more I’m adding in. I also want to give you my special bonus session called:

FREE BONUS: What Men Want, The Secret Psychology Of Men EXPOSED.

In this special video presentation, I will reveal what men think, why they think it, and how you can know his heart inside and out.

No more anxiety about what he’s thinking about you or the relationship and no more worries about his feelings.

But wait, I’m still not done...

I also want to give you my special bonus report:

FREE BONUS: How To Get Him To Finally Read Your Mind And Get What You Want Without Having To Ask Him

In other words, how to communicate your needs without feeling needy or pushing him away.

In this report, I’ve revealed my most powerful method on how to stop working so hard to get men to pay attention to you, and finally get him to know what you need and deliver it right to you without having to push or pressure him in any way.

This is a unique formula that will skyrocket your success with men to ridiculously high levels. You won’t be able to find this formula anywhere else because I discovered it and invented it. This report is also worth $77 in value, and you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.

Now, if you add up the value of all these juicy goodies, it comes to well over $200, but by ordering today, you can get it all, Irresistible Desire and all the bonuses, for a super low price of $37.97.

Now, I plan to remove this offer as soon as I have the feedback and testimonials I need to promote the program more mainstream. Either the price of the program will go up or I’ll be forced to remove most of the bonus materials for a new program.

So the time to act is now. Just click the button you see below. You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can enter your contact information and start accessing your program in just a few short minutes.

I’m also going to give you another unannounced bonus if you get the program right now:

FREE BONUS: The Red Flag Report.

When you know how to make men desire you, the next most important thing is knowing which men to avoid.

When men begin to flock to you and want you, you’re going to have to know which man to choose from your own entourage. The secret is simply letting him disqualify himself so you can focus on Mr. Right. I’ll show you exactly which guys are safe to let into your heart and which ones you should pass on.

Click the big yellow “Add To Cart” button and you’ll be taken to the secure page where you can complete your order and gain instant access to “Irresistible Desire – The Secrets of Addictive Unconditional Love And Complete Devotion

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Look, the reality is that:

50% Of All Engagements Never Even Make It To The Altar!

Mostly because no one ever taught women how to really trigger a man’s deepest and most powerful love, a burning desire for you that is not only eternal but constant, unwavering.

Never again have to worry about the agony of a relationship that slips away from you.

Instead, all your girlfriends will envy your relationship, the boyfriend, the husband you catch when you know exactly how to reach the forbidden reservoir of his heart.

If there’s one gift you deserve to get yourself, it should be this one, the course that will carry you all the way to the man of your dreams and show you how to completely understand him, to finally access his bottled up emotions and passions and release them in a flood of desire and love for you.

What you need to do right now is reach in your wallet or purse and pull out your card, set it next to you because you’ll need both hands, then click on the big yellow button you see below.

You’ll be taken to our secure checkout system, and this system is very verified every hour so no bad guys can break in and get your data.

When you get to this page, you just fill out your name, address and choice of payment. We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. Once you filled everything out and double checked your order, click OK and you’ll get instant access to download your complete course.

Click the big yellow “Add To Cart” button and you’ll be taken to the secure page where you can complete your order and gain instant access to “Irresistible Desire – The Secrets of Addictive Unconditional Love And Complete Devotion

Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within sixty days for a full refund.


GUARANTEE #1 - If for any reason you think the video and report isn’t the best $37.97 you’ve ever spent just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund your every penny...

GUARANTEE #2 - If you actually USE the information in this system and your results aren’t that great, I’ll actually refund you - AND you can keep the program for free. Here’s what you need to do: Just send me an email… All I ask is that you give it your best honest effort.


Look, I have to say something very uncomfortable to you right now...

The Unpleasant Truth Is That
Time May Not Be On Your Side...

You don’t want to be pushed into the wrong relationship just because your biological clock is ticking or if you feel like your options aren’t what they once were.

When you understand the trick to opening up a man’s secret emotional reservoir, you’ll have him naturally adoring and desiring you. You’ll have the edge over almost any woman you know.

You’ll have stopped the clock!

You’ll have more time than you know what to do with because you’ll have no problem attracting the man you want. You'll turn even the prettiest women with the hottest figures into jealous wrecks around you when they see how you draw men to you like a magnet.

Imagine when he pulls you into his arms and says, “I can’t imagine my life without you.” Imagine when he looks you in the eyes with raw, primal desire and says, “You rock my world.”

To get your copy of Irresistible Desire, just click the button you see below. You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can enter your contact information and start accessing your program in just a few short minutes.

Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within sixty days for a full refund.
If I EVER need advice on the male species I know that to get it from a man… My female friends will comfort me and tell me what I want to hear but my male friends will give it to me straight… Carlos is one of my male friends and not only does he give it to me straight he also teaches me what I need to do to get the man I’ve been searching for…!
Wish you could know what a guy is really thinking about you? Can you get this man to fully open his heart to you? Carlos Cavallo is that rare guy who can show you secret passageway into a man’s heart so you know where you stand, even before he does… ‘Irresistible Desire’ is both heartwarming and magical – explaining everything a woman needs to get a man to adore you and commit to you.
Susan Bratton, Author of 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic

I still have:

One More Secret To Reveal To You About Men And The Secret Signal He Needs To See...

The secret I want to share with you is this:

Most people think we focus way too much attention on looks. After all, it’s what’s beneath the skin that’s important, isn’t it?

All this talk and focus on beauty is so damaging to women...

But the terrible secret that so few women ever admit is that they have ONE desperate question on their mind.

They really want to know -

They need to know more than anything...

"Does He think I’m A Beautiful Woman, Outside And Inside?"

It will never matter how much you think you know the answer...

You still need to hear him say it to you, to say those words you long to hear...

There’s only one mirror in your world, and that’s the mirror of his eyes.

You need him to reflect back the words to you that you need to hear:

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me, and I love you with all my heart, and I can’t imagine being without you ever again.”

Remember, a man can only be enchanted by one woman at a time, meaning that if he has two women in his life, he’s really only interested in one, the one that he clicks with and feels that magical pull towards.

It’s true for you too. You really don’t have room in your heart to chase or to be really focused on more than one person at a time.

No matter how much you want to distract yourself, your heart knows which man you want.

"To Get Him, You've Got To Be The One That Sticks Out In His Mind...!"

Think about all the great legendary women throughout time that were celebrated for how they captivated and enchanted men...

What made their men so romantically obsessed and in love with these women was this same secret.

It also gave them immeasurable personal confidence and power to do incredible things, and when you have it, he’ll gladly say those words you long to hear, how beautiful you are to him.

Just Imagine The Very First Time He Pulls You In For A Kiss And He Says,
"I'm So Glad Destiny Brought Us Together..."

Just imagine never again feeling vulnerable to both your inner questions and worries, and all the outer pressures from an uncaring and intimidating world.

happy couple 4Look, the world is demanding and unforgiving for women like you. The expectations of how to look, how to act, how to feel, the pressures are demanding and sometimes demeaning. It’s time you took control of your love life and got the love and respect you deserve. Start being noticed. Start being seen.

Imagine when you’re able to walk in any room and command the attention of every man. No man will ever be able to ignore your radiance again. Your true beauty will shine through luminously.

You’ll finally have the man that is divinely positioned to encourage you and build you up the way you’re entitled, a man, a partner that is not only the love your life, but the man who will support you and cherish you.

So the time to get started is NOW. If you leave and don't take this foolproof, guaranteed step, you'll be haunted by it.

Just click the button you see below. You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can enter your contact information and start accessing your program in just a few short minutes.

Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within sixty days for a full refund.



These Secrets Were Once Used By THE Most Desired Women In History...

I want you to imagine what it was like to be this woman...

Imagine every day you wake up:

"When You Walk The Streets, Men Everywhere Stop To Admire You And Worship You With Their Eyes..."

You notice even the other women standing in awe of you, and you realize that it’s because they see the men that worship you - and you know these women want nothing more than to be near you, with you, and they want more than anything to be you.

You are a princess, the object of desire to everyone who sees you.

Especially the men who notice every move you make. Their need for you is instinctual - and you never need to ask to have your wishes fulfilled and your dreams satisfied.

This secret of feminine allure and irresistible desire traces all the way back to a woman that most women have heard of, but few understand.

This woman who discovered the secret code of men’s desire was named Cleopatra.

Just like Marilyn Monroe and so many women after her, Cleopatra had the most powerful men in the world as her lovers.

She was...

The Most Desired Woman Of Her Time - Perhaps The Most Famous And Sexually Powerful Woman EVER...

She was the woman who seduced both Caesar, the Emperor of Rome, the most powerful man in the world, and Mark Anthony, his successor.

Cleopatra was literally worshipped as a goddess in her time and practically to this day.

Poems, stories, movies, and Shakespeare even wrote a play about her.

But interestingly, most people assumed that it was Cleopatra’s beauty that cast the spell on men, or there was some kind of manipulative trick.

That’s a myth that most women have believed for thousands of years, and has kept the real truth of her allure and power over men hidden for eons. The truth is that historians agree her looks were about average. Nothing at all like Elizabeth Taylor in that movie.

The rest of Cleopatra’s physical “beauty,” as you can guess, was propped up with makeup, jewelry and fashion and many thousands of years of wild exaggeration. It also had nothing to do with her position or any kind of manipulative control.

In real life, Cleopatra’s charisma and spell of enchantment over men and women and anyone she met was genuine, and it came from a secret formula or code that gave her incredible charisma, charm, and a magical radiance that was irresistible to men.

These timeless secrets are what you’ll discover inside Irresistible Desire. Just click the button you see below, and you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can enter your contact information and start accessing your program in just a few short minutes.


Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within sixty days for a full refund.


This is Carlos Cavallo, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


Total Value: $458.00

$99   $69


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