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Finally - A Foolproof Formula To Make Any Distance Relationship WORK!

Make Him Love You No Matter How Far Away!

If you're in a distance relationship right now -

OR you're considering dating someone who doesn't live close to you -

AND you want to know how to make a long distance relationship work...

- This might be the most important report you see this year.

And even if you are in a "local" relationship - you still need to know about the changes coming your way that could threaten your relationship

Because if you're not in a long-distance relationship of some kind, chances are you soon will be!

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Make A Distance Relationship Work Than Now...

Look, if you ever find yourself traveling more than an hour to go on a date or meet up -

You can consider yourself in a long distance relationship.

Even if you're not in a distance relationship now, there's a good chance you will find yourself in one at some point.

We've Seen The Impact Of Social Distancing On Relationships And Our Social Ties!

You may even have to relocate for a job, or for family circumstances

And many people live far enough apart where they may only meet up on the weekends

So you need to know how to keep his interest even if you're only on the other side of the city or county from him...

Let me ask you something -

Do You Know What One Of The Most Popular Relationship Searches On The Internet Is?

You might have even typed this into Google once or twice yourself...

It's even more popular today than ever

What's the search?

"Do Long Distance Relationships Work?"

The answer might shock you

But it also should prove that people are finding ways to connect and fall in love

No matter the limitations!

The answer to the question "Do long distance relationships work?"


- not only do nearly 60% of long-distance relationships last

Long Distance Relationships Are Actually BETTER Than "Traditional" Romances

You might be amazed I just made that claim - but it's true

And they're better for WOMEN above all!

Here's why:

And there are even more reasons...

Many couples even point to their time of long distance as being the foundation of their UNBREAKABLE relationship and commitment to each other

And even more shocking, with the advancement of the Internet, long distance relationships are not only possible and convenient

They can be downright EASY... -

Long-Distance Dating Relationships Are Often More Stable Than Geographically-Close Relationships

- HOWEVER - only when you know the secrets of making it work.

And IF you know how to avoid the most common traps

So if you're wondering about your relationship - whether he's close to you or far away

Or possibly HOW to find someone special over distance

Or HOW to make your current relationship work

Then it's CRITICAL to read the rest of this report

You're going to discover Some Important Secrets About Long Distance Love

Including how to avoid the mistakes

- and make your love work for as long as you want it to!

Most people believe that long distance relationships fail because of

But the truth is that none of those reasons are what make your relationship break

(In fact, cheating actually happens much LESS in long distance relationships!)

I'm Going To Show You The #1 Reason Why Most Long Distance Relationships Fail -

(And how to avoid this mistake)

So that you can have the relationship you want with the man you want...!

You see - Long Distance Relationships work GREAT for women -

BUT men need a special ingredient to make it work for them -

It's a special ingredient that most women completely miss when they start a relationship over distance

If You Know What This Missing Piece Is, You Will Create A Rock Solid Relationship

- no matter how far apart you are

You'll have him focused on you - and no one else

You'll feel the love and the desire for you radiating from him no matter how far apart you are

I'll tell you what this missing ingredient is in just a moment...

But first, I want to show you why this is so important for you to know -

Relationships Are In Jeopardy Right Now...

Marriage rates are on the decline

Most men are afraid of a hostile environment if he were to try to approach you "naturally" - like in a store or other social situation

And with measures like "social distancing," "lockdowns," as well as other restrictions

- you don't have the ability to meet men like you once did!

With so many people reducing their social activities, you might never get to meet some of the most eligible and good men out there

You need to be able to meet, date, and create loving relationships in ways you might not have considered before

And the best part is that if you can make the relationship work at a distance, it will THRIVE and GROW when you're together.

So by now you're probably wondering:

What Is The Biggest Reason Is That Distance Relationships Fail...?

Well, I'll tell you what it's NOT -

The #1 reason why most long distance relationships fail is this:

He never got INVESTED in your relationship

You see, men need to feel like they are a part of a relationship with you before he commits to you

If he doesn't feel like he's got something to lose, there's no reason for him to not look around

But if you have triggered his investment in your connection,

He'll Only Be Looking For Ways To Deepen His Connection To You

You see, men hate walking away from something they've invested time, money, or effort in

A great example of the Investment Principle is when a guy watches a movie, and after one hour he realizes it's pretty bad -

BUT (he thinks) since he's already halfway through, might as well finish it!

He's going to stick it out, even if he could use that last hour doing something way more productive and enjoyable

Men Have 10 Psychological "Programs" That Make Him See It Through - COMMIT

These "programs" make him stick it out and devote himself

This is what makes him dedicate himself to a hobby

This is what makes him hold on to a stock (even if that stock is losing him money!)

And these 10 "programs" even determine how committed he is to a relationshp

These programs are sometimes called - "Cognitive Biases"

- and we ALL have them!

Don't worry about the scientific jargon here - they're just ways our mind tricks us to ignore logic

The simple truth is this:

He Has An Automatic Program That Gets Him Invested In Your Relationship - No Matter How Far Away You Are

So if you can run this "program" in his head -

If You Can Focus Him With His 'Program' He Will Stay Devoted To You!

That program is called:


Simply put - men value things we have MUCH more than the things we do not have

As the saying goes - You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

Let Me Explain How This "Stop Loss" Works - It's Really Simple

The pain of losing something is TWICE as powerful as the pleasure of GAINING something

Behavioral science experts Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman performed an experiment -

The experiment involved asking people if they would accept a bet

The researcher would flip a coin.

If the coin came up TAILS the person would LOSE $100

and if the coin came up HEADS they would WIN $100.

You know what?

No one took the bet!

Until the researchers bumped up the winning amount to over $200

That's right -

The results of the experiment showed that on average people need to gain over TWICE as much as they might lose

- BEFORE they will take the bet!

Men Fear Loss More Than We Love Gain!

We'll stay at a job that underpays us if it means staying safe and not losing

Here's an example you might be more familiar with:

I'll bet you've got some clothes in your closet right now that you never wear, but you also can't bear to give them away or donate them!

Why are you keeping those clothes when you know you'll never wear them?

Just in case of a fashion 'emergency...?'

Of course - it's because you already own them - and who knows, you might wear it yet!

Look -

We All Work Harder To Stop Losing Something More Than We Would To Gain Something New...

- it's totally natural

This psychology is everywhere! You see it all the time

When you trigger this STOP LOSS program in him, you'll have him eating out of the palm of your hand

When he's really committed to you, he will literally feel FEAR and anxiety at the thought of losing you -

If You Get Him Invested In Your Love, He Will Worry About Losing You All The Time!

So how do you get him invested?

How do you keep him feeling like he'd NEVER walk away from you

and make him worry about losing you?

The answer to this ANY relationship

As you know - long distance relationships actually work GREAT for women -

But Men Need A SPECIAL Ingredient To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work -

It's a special ingredient that most women completely miss -

Yes - that ingredient is INVESTMENT

Here's What You Have To Do To Get Him Invested -

1 - Make sure you have a way to reach him OTHER than texting when you're apart

(I'll show you how to do this)

2 - Make sure you know what his "magnets" are...

His magnets are the hobbies he likes to invest himself in

You see - men commit themselves to relationships ALL the time!

They commit to their relationships with their hobbies -

Whether that's guitar, or video games, or working out, or watching sports... or whatever.

When you know his pasttimes -

When you know what he devotes himself to, you'll know his "code" that makes him commit!

And the last step, the one that gets him invested you:


The simplest, fastest way to keep him connected to you and invested in you is to have a PLAN for how you make the relationship work...

Because I can practically guarantee you -

He's CLUELESS about how to move forward!

Chances Are, You Don't Have A Plan Right Now

That's okay! I'm going to show you the plan you need to make any Long Distance Relationship work -

No Matter What!

In these days of pandemics, lockdowns, and social distancing

You have to have an edge if you're going to win - and KEEP - the man you want!

I just put the finishing touches on a program that every woman needs if she's going to win her man for good

It's called:

Long Distance Love - Make Him Love You No Matter How Far Away

Here What You'll Learn:

  • How to avoid the fear, insecurities, and misunderstandings that destroy most long distance love affairs...
  • Why the first 3-6 months of your Long Distance Relationship are the most critical - and how to survive them!
  • How to turn Long Distance into your local love - have him cross the country - or an ocean! - to be with you...
  • If you can make it past 16 weeks, you've conquered the biggest barrier to your long distance relationship - find out how to do it! (Psssst! If you make it to the 32 week mark, you're home free!)
  • The average long distance relationship sends about 340 texts per week - Do you know how to make every message count? I'll show you exactly what and how to text him so that you keep his interest fresh and alive!
  • 88% of all couples used technology to bridge the gap between them. I'll show you which tools to use (and which ones to avoid!) to ensure your relationship succeeds...
  • When it comes time to make your relationship committed - how do you handle that conversation with him? I'll show you in the special bonus: "Pull Him To You..."
  • There are actually three kinds of "distance" in relationships. It's not the PHYSICAL distance that hurts or ruins relationships. I'll show you which one is hurting your relationship the most - and how to get past it
  • Your biggest enemy is yourself - I'll show you how you might be your own worst enemy in a distance relationship - AND once you know this, you'll never get in your own way again!
  • Discover the 19 Essential Tips for starting your distance relationship the RIGHT way - and even if you've already started, it's not too late to make sure you cement his love for you and avoid the common mistakes...
  • The D.O.P. Special Tip: How to Avoid Suprises, Scares, and Shenanigans - This is a tip I reserve for my coaching clients - revealed here for the first time. The secret to staying happy, settled, and calm if you encounter any waves or problems...
  • Destroy the Distance - 20 tips to make him feel close to you, warm up his heart, and give you the love and support you deserve - even if you're 10,000 miles away...
  • The Text Connection - Over 35 special texts - designed to awaken his desire for you, no matter where he is! You'll get texts for each situation along with an explanation of how they work to keep him thinking about you all day long...
  • And much MUCH more!

We live in uncertain times - but one thing is very certain:

To get the kind of romantic, loving, connected relationship you want:

You need to know how to overcome your challenges with men!

And the way to do that is by knowing the secrets of long lasting relationships in this program.

Research shows that women handle long distance relationships better than men do...

Which means you MUST know not only how to keep him happy and satisfied over the distance...

You have to know the secret tips for making him INVEST in you and your love

And even if he's in your city but you feel so far away - these methods can pull him even closer to you

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Long Distance Love - Make Him Love You No Matter How Far Away




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