Win Him Back

If Your Man Is Pulling Away Or Distant, Please Read This:

How To Revive Your Relationship Using Simple Text Messages

I Was There When It Happened...

When my friend - Susan - got the text -

- THE Text that turned her world inside out

We had just sat down to a cup of coffee -

And that's when her phone buzzed and slid across the table - she grabbed it and I heard her gasp.

I put my mug down, and asked: "What's wrong?”

Susan Was Angry And Shocked To The Point Of Tears

"It's David - he ... he said we were going out tonight, and he just sent THIS -"

She held the screen up for me to see. And as I read the words, a wash of shock and sadness hit me...

My heart went out to her in that moment.

The text said:

There was more after that, stuff like:


All the excuses you usually hear when someone is pulling away or trying to break up.

Susan was shaking, the tears streaming down her face -

She said: "I knew he’d lose his interest in me -"

"I Knew I Wasn't Good Enough To Keep Him."

I wanted to say something sympathetic, but all I could do was watch her try to catch her tears with a napkin.

That's when I said 8 words that changed her life:

"I have something you can try on him…"

I reached out for Susan's phone - and after a moment's hesitation she gave it to me.

I read through her conversation she’d had with him over the last couple days, and then I took a minute to type in a few simple words in a short text...

And then I handed her phone back -

"Send him THAT," I said.

Her eyes lit up as she read the screen. "Are you sure?"

I reached over…

- and hit SEND.

She gasped and yanked the phone away. I wasn't sure if she was going to hit me or yell at me - or both.

"Just wait, you'll see," I told her.

Hi, My name is Carlos Cavallo - and in this short article -

I'm Going To Show You What Happened Next In Susan’s Amazing Story

- AND what he sent back to her just a few minutes later.

I'm also going to show you how to use simple words in short text messages sent from the phone you’re reading this on, or carrying in your pocket right now to -

And even if he’s broken up with you or left you - he will reconsider coming back to you.

If your relationship is doing great right now and you have no problems to work on, you may not need what I’m about to show you...


If You've Ever Had A Guy Pull Away, Or Disappear And You Wished You Could Win Him Back Again

You need to read this report to the end...

Where he'll fight to win you back, while at the same time swearing that trying again is TOTALLY his idea -

…all you have to do is know what to text him.

This Might Sound Incredible, But It Has Worked For Hundreds Of Women That I've Shared These Special Text Messages With...

Women like:

Even though this might sound unimaginable right now -

After you read this article and do what it tells you,

You'll Be Shocked At How Fast His Feelings Change For You -

I'm going to show you how this works in just a moment -

First, I’m going to share some valuable insider information to help you with men. We need to talk about one of the small mistakes you might be making without even knowing.

This small error can create distance in your relationship.

And This Tiny Mistake Can Also Stop You From Getting Him Back

And if you're like most women, you've probably experienced a similar pattern in your relationship that I'm about to show you.

I'm also going to show you a special text message you can send to any guy that will unlock his love...

He won't be able to forget you - or even think about anyone else.

You'll push any thoughts of any other women right out of his head!

This message has the ability to make a man change his mind - to realize his mistake and turn back to you

STAY RIGHT HERE and you will discover something earth-shattering about men & relationships!

How To Win Him Back If He's Pulling Away Or Ignoring You

Even if he's already got one foot out the door - you can finally make that one special man YOURS.

You can make him stop pulling away - and come running back to you!

These miraculous yet simple texts work -

These texts work because it's like you've discovered a 'spell book' to awaken his heart.

Where every word he reads on his phone from you will make him tremble with passion, excitement, thinking about you all day long, and make him chase you.

Look -

When You First Get Together, Everything Seems Great

You can’t get enough of each other, he makes you feel like a princess and you decide that he’s the man for you. You may even feel this way right NOW...

But Then Something Changed…

You might be in a period of no-contact right now, hoping that he will come back to you.

Your friends and family might even be telling you to give up and move on, saying things like:

But all you can focus on is that he's not there with you.

Is he dating someone else?

Or maybe you KNOW there's another woman in the picture...

You're Willing To Fight For Him And Your Relationship

Maybe you've tried texting him, but you're going crazy because you can't get him to reply to text you back...

He may even be avoiding seeing you again.

He's pulling away - or gone - and you don't know what to do to fix things. You may have even tried to get him to desire you again -

You tried:

No matter what you try - sharing words, or feelings, promising to change for him, or telling him that he was right -

Nothing works!

It's so frustrating to wonder WHY you can't get through to him.

Why is it that the same guy who used to look at you with love and desire when you first started dating now won't even bother to respond to your calls or texts?

Why Is He Ignoring You?

You know that THIS GUY is the only one who has what you're looking for and can make you feel this way...

In order to answer your questions and show you the way to getting him back -

I need to show you a few of the unknown "rules" about how men's emotions and minds work.

This is stuff that no one has ever told you before about how to win his love back and how to jump start his desire for you in a strange but incredibly effective way.

Even if he's cooled off and acts like he doesn't have any feelings for you!

Whether he's pulling away or he's completely broken up with you, your situation feels urgent.

You probably already know that no matter what you try to get him back you can't seem to get anywhere with him. Even when you make a little progress, he just ends up going cold again or disappearing.

Let me show you something really important about this -

Let Me Explain The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When A Man Grows Cold And Distant -

- or when he's broken up with her - and she wants to get him to come back.

Mistake #1:You Panic

Look, I get it... Right now your emotions are probably overwhelming and intense...

But this is not your fault, either!

You're actually going through emotional withdrawal from his love -

The love hormones in your brain - oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, and many others are running wild in your brain. And this can send you right down crazy street if you let it.

The worst thing you can possibly do is to obey the panic and text him something or say something wrong.

Right after you feel this panic, the most likely thing you will do is try to say - or text - something to him to make him come back.

You might beg him to come back, or to give you a second chance. Unfortunately, all this will do is push him further away -FASTER.

(Don't worry if you’ve already made this mistake, I’m going to show you how to fix this)

Hang on and I will explain what you need to know to stop things from getting worse - and save your relationship.

Mistake #2:PULLING him back

As I said, because you're feeling the panic of him pulling away.

The first thing you will want is to text or talk to him - trying to avoid a misunderstanding -

Or just to fix what's broken.

The problem is that this will only make HIM panic and run.

FOR EXAMPLE: If your man was feeling the pressure of money problems,

AND he’s also got the pressure of a huge deadline at work...

And then you call him after a day or two of not hearing from him to "make sure he's not mad,” and "make sure there are no problems"

What's he going to think?

He's going to start wondering if you're more high maintenance than he might have thought before.

And in light of his life being more challenging, he might start wondering -

“Is this relationship worth it right now?”

He didn't think there were problems, until you panic-texted him trying to PULL HIM BACK.

And this leads to -

Mistake #3:Blaming Yourself

When there is a hint of trouble in a relationship, most women have a familiar list of self-critical thoughts that are just waiting to pop up.

You may even convince yourself that YOU are the reason he’s pulled away or broken up with you because he suddenly realized that you’re "not good enough for him."

But that’s actually not what’s happening -

It’s not your fault!

And if you get stuck in self-blame, you'll lose him for sure.

Which is why you need to know how to get him to see you differently.

You've gotta change his mind FAST! Before he has a chance to forget what you have together.

How do you do that?

How do you fix this?

Easy -

THE SOLUTION: Know How To Respark A Man's Romantic Interest In You

Most women don't know what a man's "Respark" is.

Yes, it's a real thing!

A man's Respark is the hidden trigger that makes him realize he doesn’t want to lose you.

When the Respark hits him - he feels a unique pull towards you that makes him want to try again.


For you this means:

When you know how to Respark a man, you’ll have the keys to his heart.

He will not only want to come back to you, but you will be able to create an even deeper and closer relationship than you had before.

I’ll show you more about this in a second - but first -

Let Me Tell You What Happened With Susan

You probably want to know about the “Respark” text I had her send - and what message David sent back to her.

Well, first you have to know what happened to Susan just before I helped her.

She was dating David for a couple months before I met her for coffee that day.

They met at a friend's party. In only a week after her first date, Susan felt like she'd won the lottery with him.

"He was everything I'd wanted - he checked every box," she told me.

David was a successful owner of a dot-com startup...

He was tall, charismatic, and fun to be with - never any drama or controlling behavior.

David took her on a trip to Europe, and she found herself living a dream with him. Susan would catch herself thinking about him and reliving moments with him all the time.

Her girlfriend even told her how envious she was of Susan's luck in finding him.

“What’s your secret? He's a unicorn!" her friend said.

But that also scared Susan because she wasn’t sure WHAT she had done to deserve him.

And That’s When Someone Else Appeared And Turned Her World Upside Down

David had hired a new marketing manager for his company - And a bunch of insecurity alarms started going off for Susan -

That feeling in your gut that you notice…

You know the one I mean!

Now, this new girl was an attractive, athletic blonde with that bubbly energy that all the guys paid attention to.

At first Susan wasn't that concerned - she knew that David was totally infatuated with Susan.

But … something still felt off about this new manager.

Susan saw a text come into David's phone one night from this girl -

She wasn't sure but she thought she saw a heart emoji at the end of it...

This Freaked Her Out And She Confronted David About It

- and the argument didn't go well.

He lost his patience with her, calling her insecure and needy for snooping on him like that...

She was so SURE of what she saw that she even unlocked his phone later on without him knowing and looked for the text she thought she saw - but she couldn't find it.

Now she felt even worse, wondering if she had imagined it - or had he deleted it?

This was driving her crazy!

She backpedaled and apologized to David,

But There Was A Chilly Vibe Between Them Now

He texted her less and less.

When she texted him, it took him way longer to respond - sometimes hours or days.

She was anxious and sad that she felt the relationship slipping away - with no idea how to turn things around.

Until that day when I watched their breakup unfold before my eyes.

Now you'll remember I had just sent that text on Susan's phone...

- that special respark text that would trigger a deep, heartfelt longing in David.

I typed in a couple quick sentences, handing her the phone back...

I reached over and hit send for her...

I told her to just WAIT - and before Susan and I had taken another 3 sips of our coffee -

Before I had a chance to explain how it worked -

That's When His Text Came In, Answering All Her Questions Instantly!


And then her phone rang.

Susan looked at her phone like it had just sprouted ears and a tail.

"He never calls me when he's at work!" she said, glancing at me with wide eyes.

I smiled and nodded at her phone. “Maybe you should answer it," I said

She put the phone to her ear and walked across the room to talk with David.

I overheard a few words here and there:

She came back in the room, glowing like she’d been in a 2 hour hot yoga class.

I hid my smirk with a sip from my coffee.

"He Wants To Give Us Another Chance!" She Beamed.
"Your Text WORKED!"

I gave her a hug and said: "That's fantastic!"

By the way, a lot of women would probably be following the “No Contact” rule at this point.

Where she's not supposed to contact him to make him realize what he’s lost.

She'd wait in silence, hoping he will suddenly wake up and come back.

OR - she might beg and plead for another chance...

BUT if Susan had waited to reach out to David,

and if she didn’t have that Respark text -

- her relationship would have been OVER.

You Probably Know That When A Man Starts To Pull Away From You, When He Starts To Get Distant And Cold:

All those signs are really just the start of a breakup.

You see - a good text will get you closer to him...

And the wrong text makes him pull away even further.

Either He's Coming Back, Or He's Leaving - But There's No In-Between

And if you wait for him to make up his mind, he probably won’t be coming back.

So it really is a breakup - even if he hasn't called it that yet!

You're probably going to split up unless you do something to stop him from running away.

You're right when you realize you have to do something.

And if he has broken up with you already, you need to do something RIGHT NOW.

Before he's gone for good!

The good news is that when he comes back to you to rebuild what you once had, it will be even stronger and better than before!

I’m going to show you something very important right now -

It’s the Respark text you can use to stop him from leaving (if he’s already about to break up).

BUT what's even more important than this special text is what you must do AFTER you send it to make sure he doesn’t change his mind or lose interest.

Most Women Usually Mess It Up Again Afterwards By Not Knowing How To Lock Him In

You see, you might get a guy to come back by begging or using all kinds of tricks maybe getting him to come back for sex…

But this usually backfires - it ends up making him a“friend with benefits”

You’ll never get the relationship back with him this way!

Once he comes back, you have to know how to make him STAY.

Right Now, Let Me Show You This Respark Text -

This is the “Magic Text” that resparked David to come back to Susan.

Here’s what you do:

Just send a short text (less than 30 words)

In this text, all you have to do are these two simple things:

1. Apologize for any emotional reaction you had.
Chances are you did panic and maybe said some things that scared him...

2. Tell him how you're feeling relieved - and then thank him.
This will completely change how he sees you - INSTANTLY!
- and you'll make him RETHINK his pulling away or breaking up with you.

You see, most guys are used to women begging him to not leave, to give her a second chance.

This message 'tricks' and confuses his emotional mind...

And This Respark Text Makes Him Stop And Rethink The Breakup RIGHT AWAY

And that's the Respark Text!

(If you’d like the actual cut & paste Respark Texts - including examples - stay with me...)

Remember: Once he comes back, the next step is: You have to know how to make him STAY.

The good news is that you don't need to do this on your own, or figure out any clever manipulation to get him back.

You can Respark his love by using the same kind of technology that psychologists and therapists use.

It doesn't matter if he said he “isn't in love with you anymore,” or that he's “not interested in getting back together.”

Once you know these Respark texts you'll flip a switch in his mind that makes him see you in a completely different light.

These Respark Texts Activate A Deep Emotional Trigger That All Men Have

This emotional trigger activates all the same love hormones YOU are experiencing -

Only in HIS brain!

And by using simple words in short texts, you can trigger him to feel emotions that YOU want him to feel.

It's almost like a remote control for his emotions.

This all happens on a subconscious level. He doesn’t even know what’s happening to him, but suddenly he only has feelings for you.

And theres even more good news:

You Can Do This By Simply TEXTING Him!

Texting is incredibly effective for getting him back because it sneaks past all his defenses and resistance.

So if he's been avoiding you or avoiding contact, Resparking him will work even better!

No, you’re not going to beg or plead for him to come back to you -

You already know this is needy and insecure and it would probably destroy any attraction he still has left.

(By the way - even if you have begged him to try again, you’ll find out how to recover.)

You can keep your dignity!

Simply Use Simple Words In Short Texts That Have Been Designed To Burrow Deep Into A Man's Mind!

You can open his heart up...

And get him rewinding his emotions back to when you first met.

Now, you might wonder:

Why does this Respark work so well on men?

If you've ever seen the movie "Inception" - where they had to plant an idea inside someone's head - an idea that would make a man change his mind about a decision and then think it was HIS idea...

Well these short text messages work just like that!

This simple suggestion will grow in his thoughts and replay over and over again:

"Wow, I really screwed up... She's the one for me, and I need to do ANYTHING to get her back in my life."

Texting is perfect for this because you can send him a few short words, and then put your phone away.

KNOWING that he's going to be obsessing over what you said, probably even texting you back within minutes.

And he will stop all the resistance and push-back!

If You Use The Right Text, You Can Get Him To Remember Why He Loves You

Get him to feel that adrenaline rush of falling for you all over again, and the passion you once shared.

You’ll reach his vulnerable heart - the strong man you know is in there - where he can let himself open up to you and connect.

When you use the right text, you'll also be able to get him to change his feelings for you, and to make him forget any other women in his life.

The more you think about it, you'll realize that when you use simple words in short texts, a secret program is started in his mind that awakens his dormant desires and feelings.

This brings him running back to you - no matter how long or how far he's gone.

You might say -

"All right, Carlos - I get how powerful this can be, and I see that I can use texting magic like this to get him to forgive me and come back into my life - but HOW do I do it?"

YES, that’s exactly the right question - because I've taught thousands of women around the world how to use these simple words & short texts sent from any cell phone (you probably have one with you right now)

These Words Slip Directly Past His Defenses And Deep Into The Most Fiercely Protected Part Of His Mind -

First, let me share a few words from some women who have been where you are and used these same texts to Win Him Back -


Leslie R. says:
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“I'm so grateful for how clearly you explain the male perspective and show why men behave the way they do in romantic relationships. "

"I wish I'd listened to your stuff years ago. You completely changed my life."

“Now my ex is texting me 20 times a day - and I think he's going to propose!"

The overwhelming majority of women tell me: "Carlos, this was amazing stuff I never knew. It was easily worth ten or twenty times what I invested."

And you can’t put a price on LOVE, can you?

And those are just a few of the emails and voicemails I get from women every day after they use this simple system.

When you can Respark his love, you can force him to focus on you, and make him stop resisting you and what you have to give him.

And everything seems to him like it's all his idea...


By introducing you to a few simple texts that Respark his desire and love for you - a system I call:

Win Him Back

Win Him Back is a step-by-step plan that uses simple words in short text messages you send from your cell phone to make your ex connect with you again and -

Without you having to change yourself in any way for him.

It's literally a push-button system for getting him to come back to you!

It doesn’t matter where he is in the process of pulling away…

It doesn’t matter if he’s just sending mixed signals, or he’s already growing cold & distant...

Or he’s broken up with you.

No matter where he is, I will show you how to close the distance between you!

Here’s What You’ll Get In The

REMEMBER:You’ll get ALL the complete cut & paste texts in this program for EVERY situation.

I packed in hours of content for you to get every single question answered.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg - there's so much more...

Now, can I promise you that you and your ex will have a fairy tale ending just by using "Win Him Back"?

Of course not.

BUT I can promise you that if you grab the system and follow the simple steps, you'll be able to open up his heart like you never were able to before!

You'll Finally Have A Real Chance To Create The Lasting Connection And Love That Most Couples Never Find...

If you've gotten this far in this article, it means you understand how effective this is and how much you want it.

You may be wondering -

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Win Him Back Shows You Everything, And It Does All The Hard Work For You

No need to figure it out on your own. I'll show you what to say (the exact words) and when to say them.

All your questions will be answered and the complete blueprint will be laid out for you to get him back into your life and into your arms.

Look, if you were to try to get him to go to couples counseling, that would cost you about $160 per hour - and most guys wouldn't go for it.

And you're probably already aware of the dismal success rate of therapy, and that talking things through with him isn't going to work.

I also counseled women directly through coaching for many years, and can easily cost about $500 per month.

What I've done here is to take all the strategies I used with them and put it all in one concise program.

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I don’t want this to sound mean or insensitive, but the TRUTH is this:

Every ex-girlfriend a guy has is ultimately forgotten.

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